HOLLYWOOD—Just a note to those in the daytime soap universe, if you never see a body then you should always assume there is a chance that person is still alive. With that said, news had spread rampant in Genoa City that Chance Chancellor was dead on “The Young and the Restless,” but this week that all changed when Abby, who was on a mission, reunited with her husband. Chance was presumed dead in an explosion where some items of his were discovered.

Abby who jetted off without a peep went to Spain to search for her husband and was reunited to say the least. Look, Chance has been presumed dead SO MANY TIMES on “Y&R” that this narrative is becoming stale at this point. The audience knew what was going to happen with this storyline the moment it was announced. Whatever danger Chance is in, it is so dangerous that he can’t return to Genoa City with Abby just yet. So let’s see what is going to happen, Chance and Abby will eventually return to GC, they’ll be reunited with Dominic, Devon and Mariah will be left out in the cold in terms of their child’s future and maybe Abby and Chance will leave GC? I feel like that is on trend, but I could be wrong, but we’ll wait and see people.

In addition, Victor, Ashley and Jack are all searching for Abby, while Jack and Phyllis process the status of their relationship. Really?! Everyone who has EVER watched “Y&R” are well aware of the chemistry between Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). These two are soap legends and a super couple that should have never been broken up as a result of that dreadful Billy and Phyllis pairing people. Questions have been posed, so it’s now up to Jack and Phyllis to decide what they want: friendship or a relationship.

In other GC news (there is NOT much people considering we just wrapped November Sweeps), Billy is paying a hefty price for not leaving Ashland’s past in the past. A story was printed by Chance Comm that has resulted in Ashland Locke filing a libel suit against the company with the goal of bringing Billy Abbott to his news and guess what it is actually working. Billy is likely to lose Chance Comm and Lily is caught in the crossfire as a result. She is aiming to do everything in her power to change the outcome, but she is making very minimal leeway on the matter to say the least, but good things come to those who wait.

Jill returned to GC and offered a big bomb to Lily; she plans to step down from Chancellor Industries and as a result, she wants Lily to run the company. Lily was baffled by the reveal, but considering the situation with Chance Comm it makes perfect sense. Billy has no idea at the moment of the bomb his mother just dropped in his lover’s lap.

Ashland said it clear as day, Billy still has feelings for Victoria, which did force Lily to open her eyes to a degree. I mean how else could you explain this crazy obsession this guy has? Billy is on his knees so much to the point he has explained to Victor Newman that he would step down from Chance Comm if ‘The Moustache’ could work his magic and make this libel suit that Ashland has lodged can disappear. However, Ashland and Victoria are looking to purchase Chance Comm, but Adam and Victor want their hands on that business so it looks like a war is about to explode between titans on “Y&R.” Intrigued? Yes, but they need to deliver some more drama people.