HOLLYWOOD—Looks like “The Bold and the Beautiful” is looking to rehash the same ole story yet again people as it appears things are being drum up to where a rift is likely to transpire between Hope and Liam and Brooke and Ridge. Who is the catalyst? This time around it is Deacon Sharpe. For some reason, Deacon has pulled on the right heart strings for Hope Logan and he has re-entered into her life. Hope doesn’t care what anyone says and she has made it clear that Deacon will be in her life.

That has raised concerns for Liam and Steffy who think Deacon is dangerous and should NOT be trusted. Liam you should ABSOLUTELY not talk about anyone’s father committing criminal deeds, when your father, Bill Spencer, has a laundry list of dirty deeds he’s committed many of them criminal to say the least. Liam must have forgotten what his father recently did that landed him in jail. Liam and Steffy are putting their heads together, which riled up Hope who informed her nemesis (because that is what she is), Steffy to stay out of her marriage.

Yeah, Steffy is a bit of a hypocrite because she asked Hope to NOT interfere with Finn and Sheila’s relationship, yet she has the right to do so in Liam and Hope’s marriage. Make that make sense America? With that said, Brooke and Ridge are literally on the brink of a fracture. Ridge DOES NOT want Deacon anywhere near his family or home, and has made it abundantly clear to anyone who will listen. He has threatened Deacon, informed Brooke she needs to push Hope to keep her distance and find a way to get her to see the danger of Deacon in their lives. None of that is working and Ridge is worried that Brooke might be drawn to Deacon yet again. I’m seriously hoping that is NOT the case people, because the result would be god awful.

I mean the audience was teased a dangerous pairing between Sheila and Deacon when they first came face-to-face, but that seems unlikely now that Deacon has an opening into his daughter’s life. Why would he screw that up if he doesn’t have to? Sheila on the other hand, she just keeps on pushing. I mean she showed up unexpectedly to Finn’s workplace so this is a sign this woman is NOT giving up anytime soon America.

In some interesting news, Zende is planning to pop the question to Paris with Quinn’s help, but there is a problem brewing and it’s a big one: Thomas Forrester. Thomas is absolutely smitten by Paris. The two are living together, Zende is concerned, but he claims he’s not jealous, ok. Thomas decided to spill it all to Paris leaving her speechless literally. Paris was warned by Carter about Thomas and that warning came to fruition and she shared what transpired with her close pal who warned a decision has to be made.

Hmm, what irony, looks like Paris is in the same situation her sister Zoe was in with Carter and Zende. Looks like Paris needs to confess the truth to Zende because I can see a fight brewing between cousins very soon people, very soon, and once Zende learns Thomas made a play for his woman he will not be a happy camper to say the least.