SAN FRANCISCO—Naomi Kelly, City Administrator for San Francisco, submitted her letter of resignation to Mayor London Breed on Tuesday, January 12. Effective February 1, Kelly, the highest ranking unelected official in SF, resigned after taking a leave of absence on December 2, 2020 that lasted six weeks.

Kelly’s resignation comes in the middle of a corruption scandal involving her husband, Harlan Kelly, who was previously general manager of the SF Public Utilities Commission. In November 2020, federal authorities charged him with fraud and he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted as charged.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California, Harlan Kelly has allegedly “engaged in a long-running bribery scheme and corrupt partnership with Walter Wong” and added that “Wong provided items to Kelly in exchange for official acts by Kelly that benefitted or attempted to benefit Wong’s business ventures,” states a November 30 press release.

Kelly herself has not been charged with anything and has denied allegations against her and her husband.

In her letter of resignation, Kelly stated:

“In light of recent public allegations, based on the false statements of an admitted liar. I must step aside to focus on my family and to allow City Administrator’s Office to function without distraction.”

As City Administrator, Naomi Kelly oversees more than 2,500 employees, 25 departments, and a yearly budget of $700 million. Harlan Kelly is expected in court on Tuesday, February 2.