HOLLYWOOD—I’m not sure what it is, but Ben Affleck does not have good luck on the big screen wherever he appears with an actual love interest. “Gigli” did you see that? I don’t think most of America did. You can now add another movie to the list, “Deep Water” starring Affleck and his former lover Ana de Armas. Affleck and Armas star in this steamy thriller helmed by Adrian Lyne who is responsible for the amazing “Fatal Attraction,” and other thrillers like “Indecent Proposal” and “9 ½ Weeks.”

Let me just tell you right now the magic captured in those classics are not captured in “Deep Water.” Is this a sexy movie? Absolutely, but that is a direct result of de Armas who is captivating to watch on the screen and in the role of Melinda Van Allen. How can I best describe the relationship between Melinda and Vic (Affleck)? Hmm, a marriage of convenience because that is the only rationale I can fathom for Melinda being able to cheat with ANYONE she chooses to prevent and messy divorce and it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Vic has money, and if he were so unhappy in his marriage why not just sign the divorce papers and move along. C’mon on people the rationale the writer’s presents here is the first problem. The second tends to be that Melinda likes younger men or Vic is way older (we know he is based on Affleck’s gruffy look) and he’s no longer desirable to his wife. Melinda has a host of suitors throughout the flick including “Euphoria’s” Jacob Elordi, “American Horror Story” alum Finn Wittrock and a host of other young suitors all lined up.

Hell, when the couple’s daughter realizes mommy is much different around other men compared to her father, that says a ton America, a ton! It really is not that much of a mystery if the audience has a strong grasp on who the culprit is committing these ‘odd’ murders and when jealously rears its ugly head it is so obvious you will not be stunned in the least by the so called reveals and twists in this movie.

Affleck doesn’t do much on the acting front beyond portraying the depressed husband who tries to convince his friends he’s not depressed and that he’s happy in his marriage. Affleck doesn’t really invest himself in the role and that takes a toll in my opinion on the overall punch the film could actually deliver to the audience. Let’s see a bit of emotion, let’s see some rage, let’s see some deception because by the time it emerges the audience is already checked out and could care less as to exactly what is taking place. If you want the audience to be invested in the characters, they have to be written in a manner that forces us to be invested in what it is they do and why they do it.

“Deep Water” slowly focuses on utilizing sex and sensuality as a charm to lure the viewer in, but never fully delivers giving us what we want. De Armas does the best she can with the script given to her and she is indeed a shining point in the movie, but beyond that it’s a steamy thriller, without the thrills people and you will be left wanting a lot more than what the film delivers.