HOLLYWOOD—Whew, last week’s episode of “Survivor” was intense as two players got the boot and we witnessed perhaps one of the most emotional Tribal Councils I can recall seeing in years. With that said, we are down to our final eight and this week’s ‘Tell A Good Lie, Not A Stupid One’ witnessed plenty of scrambling people. Mike was NOT happy having to betray Rocksroy and was concerned about potential jury votes and made it clear to Omar he didn’t like feeling pressured.

Hmm, Omar and Hai are playing hard and I think they are about to find themselves in trouble very soon. The other tribe returned with Jonathan letting it be known that Tori was booted. Drea was quite emotional after the Tribal Council and realized she still has advantages to play in the game if she wants to make it far. Lindsay spilled the tea to Omar about what happened at Tribal Council and Omar was peeved a bit.

Lindsay realized an idol might be in play because two were just played and she went searching and was literally a touch away from the idol people. OMG! So Maryanne, who just played her idol, found another idol people. How freaking crazy is this! She decided this was one idol she was NOT sharing with anyone. Yeah, that is quite smart to say the least. The weather was downright brutal: windy and wet and Jeff offered the final eight an opportunity to compete for reward as it was apparent they were in dire straits. Pizza, cold beer and warmth was on the table for the victor in the challenge which was all about maneuvering.

I really do NOT want to see Jonathan win this challenge people, anyone but this guy and it was Lindsay who was victorious people. She chose Omar and Mike to go to the Sanctuary and enjoy pizza and beer people. I wonder if Jonathan is upset at the choice, as Lindsay made it clear this was all about strategy. We got a bit of a backstory of Hai’s upbringing, just as Lindsay pointed out she wanted to take a shot at Jonathan. Voices started to be heard by Lindsay, Mike and Omar and it was images of their family that soon became a discussion where Omar threw Hai under the bus and it was a brilliant lie. Looks like Lindsay, Omar and Mike are ready to target Hai, and it was brilliant, but the problem is if Omar’s lie comes back its going to bite him hard in the butt.

Lindsay disclosed the amulet that allows them to have an extra vote, steal a vote and a hidden immunity idol. Lindsay that was NOT information you shouldn’t have shared. It looks like this could be a very interesting Tribal Council depending on who wins the Immunity Challenge. This was all about balance people, and it was Lindsay and Jonathan battling it out. C’mon let Lindsay win people, but Jonathan is a literal competition beast people, but Lindsay managed to win and Hai was happy, but NOT sure if Hai realizes he is in trouble people.

Hai wanted to targeted Jonathan and chatted to Mike about making the move, not realizing that Mike was about to stab him in the back. Drea and Lindsay wanted to take out Hai making their amulet more powerful for the twosome. Wow, looks like Hai is about to be blindsided and has no idea of the move people. Ok, so this becomes a boring Tribal Council, but Hai is playing and lied to Jonathan noting that he has an idol. Jonathan realized that Hai was lying to him. Omar realized the fact that everyone wants Hai out and he should be utilizing Hai who is loyal to him. It feels like a misdirect by the editors to make us think Jonathan is in trouble, when it’s really Hai people.

So we have Tribal Council with 10 minutes left in the game, I don’t think we are getting fireworks tonight people. Hai was aware that Lindsay, Mike and Omar definitely talked strategy when they were on the reward challenge people. Jonathan threw out a bomb that had a few people rattled, which had Hai respond potentially putting a larger target on his back. Looks like a true blindside is coming for one of the players in “Survivor 42” for the first time in a very long time people, and Hai was shocked by the outcome. However, I think a mistake was made by the tribe for NOT taking out Jonathan when he was vulnerable people.