SAN FRANCISCO—The leaning and sinking Millennium Tower in San Francisco is being sued by homeowners who filed for class-action status and are seeking compensation from Millennium Partners, the developer of the building.

Millennium Tower was completed in 2010 and reportedly cost residents of SF millions of dollars. Homeowners were notified of the building’s issues last year, but based on documents, tenants believe that the building’s developers were aware of it’s questionable stature as early as 2009.

Dennis Herrera, San Francisco City Attorney, sued Millennium Tower last summer for knowingly selling property within the sinking 58-story building. According to Herrera’s spokesperson, John Cote, the city was not made aware of the sinking building, despite suspicions of community members.

“It has been reported that the building was expected to settle evenly to the depth of approximately 6 inches over its lifetime, but has now settled 12 – 16 inches and is leaning 15 inches at its top to the northwest. We are informed that some owners are reporting problems with uneven floors, difficulty opening and closing doors, windows, and cabinets, and that some interior wall cracks have been observed,” stated the Millennium Litigation Group.

The building’s foundation, which is not secured to the steady bedrock underneath the soils, has raised concerns of earthquake and emergency safety.