UNITED STATES—I am just going to call it: we are lazy when it comes to exercise. Too many Americans are gluttonous when it comes to food. We eat, and eat and eat, but we do little to no physical movement. The days of us actually cooking a meal at home has vastly changed. We like to eat or dine out, and the problem with doing that is not only does it cost money, but you’re likely to add a ton of calories to your waistline and body.

Yes, so many restaurants actually disclose the amount of calories in specific dishes on their menu and I recall when I first saw that it was a shock. You’re telling me this salad that I thought was healthy is more calories than a hamburger and fries? Wow, yeah, that is the same thing I told myself. It was a reality check. Just because you think something is healthy, does NOT mean it’s healthy.

So how or what can we do to change that America? It starts with making sacrifices. I don’t think we will ever go back to a time where we do not eat out. It is like a special perk or treat for many Americans and the notion of being able to go out and get food without having to prepare it yourself is something we all enjoy. You just have those long days of work that after the shift is over you don’t have the energy or the drive to get in the kitchen and cook up a dish even though your mind is telling you that you should do it.

Dining out is fine, it is what we do after dining out that is the problem. Why? Many of us are not exercising. We just think if we eat out its healthier? I really I have no idea why people think that because it’s perhaps the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If you’re dining out, there is a strong likelihood that the calories are being added on faster than you can expect. Hell, if you’re eating fast food, I can guarantee the calories are being added on in a dangerous way. We have to find a way to move more. Just taking a walk around the block, getting on the stationary bike or biking for at least 30 minutes, doing some pushups, jumping jacks or just being on the elliptical or treadmill for 30 minutes is something.

The problem is most Americans are not doing that at all. We eat, we sit then and watch TV or sleep and that’s it people. That is the problem we NEED to stop becoming complacent with this notion that we can just eat what we want and not have any consequences. Guess what that is not true. Some people do indeed have faster metabolisms than others, but for most people that is NOT the case.

Perhaps we should make a plan that whenever we dine out we exercise for 30 minutes. We need to do something to balance this epidemic of America being too fat. We eat, and eat and eat and think the calories will NOT add on. That’s not how it works people. If you eat a ton of calories and you’re NOT burning those calories they turn into fat. Fat is not a good thing because it leads to health issues and all other sorts of ailments that we need to improve upon.

You only have one life you have to choose do you want to dine out all the time, or do you want to have a bit of a balance and cook at home and realize that the meal you craft at home will likely be more satisfying, healthy, but most important will get you satiated a lot quicker than that meal you ate at the restaurant. Just an added benefit, you’re going to save more money as a result also.

Written By Zoe Mitchell