HOLLYWOOD—What in the absolute hell is happening “Big Brother” fans? “Big Brother 24” has been down, then up and back down again with absolute chaos this week as the house pariah, Taylor, claimed her first Head of Household and I’m already wishing she had not. Why? Julie dropped a bomb during Thursday’s live eviction that something unprecedented in BB history would take place: the house would be split into two groups, with two games simultaneously taking place at the same time. That’s right 2 HOHs, I’m guessing 2 sets of nominees, two POV competitions, all leading up to a double eviction on August 25.

Now I swear when Julie was initially speaking the double eviction would take place on August 18, because Thursday’s episode is 2 hours. One eviction, then the house is split into two and then we have another eviction (is HOW THEY SHOULD DO IT), but they are not. We cannot watch two groups simultaneously without being lost as to what is taking place. I hate when the viewers get these slight teasers, but nothing being fully clear. You’re just left to speculate and that is never fun if you want me to be honest. This is more like “Survivor” and I like the idea, but it royally can screw up a person’s game if they fall on the wrong side of the house, without a majority and NOT able to compete for HOH (looking at your Taylor). Also how in the hell do they expect to keep the house separate to where these two groups DO NOT COMMUNICATE! I mean hello they have to bathe and utilize the restroom. They have to eat. Rumblings are making waves that one group is slated to be inside the house, the other outside; that just doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’m really eager to see how this will play out because I think it will be an absolute mess.

I seriously don’t see how this is going to play out and continue to hold competitions which are usually crafted in the backyard. It is indeed an unprecedented twist, one that could be quite exciting if it has been well thought out. If not well thought out, the viewers will be completely annoyed with what is about to take place. Just understand, this is all expected to be explained on Thursday, but how the house splits no one knows, which I think will be critical to the gameplay the rest of the season considering the events of the week. It needs to be a random draw, no getting to choose. Hell with the way Kyle has been acting this week I would LOVE for him to have his ‘alliance’ he wants and then have to immediately turn on it. Be careful what you wish for Kyle.

I am just going to say it: Taylor is not a great BB player. It could be because she had stifled gameplay a vast majority of the season, but at the same time, the thought of her wanting to nominate Turner of all people alongside one of her targets angered me. This guy made that epic speech and was the one who stood up for you during that awful Week 3. If there is ANYONE who you align with that should not touch the block its Turner. Monte, I was slightly okay with him being nominated if NEEDED because he nominated you, but at the same time, guess what: you’re aligned with him.

So it is plain and simple: Alyssa, Terrance, Indy or Jasmine. They have all talked bad about you and have connived to get you out the house. NEVER promise someone safety if you don’t plan to back it up, it looks bad, but then again you can do it if you have finesse in the house, Taylor does not have that just yet people. Jasmine if anyone I would put on the block quicker than I can count to three. Why? She nominated you Taylor and has been one of the worst next to Paloma, Daniel, Nicole and a host of others. I don’t care if she’s another Black woman her ass needs to hit that block and fast and in a hurry. Her pompous attitude is just getting on my last nerves. The Cookout had a different tactic last year, and I feel people are trying to emulate that, but nope those people had a definitive mission, these houseguests not so much.

With that said, Taylor ultimately landed on Terrance and Indy and I’m okay with that. However, the next set of events made no got damn sense. Joseph attempting to come up with this plan to get himself nominated and probably booted to make things look a certain way to the other side! Screw the other side, play the damn game and go after them! Most them already no they’re aligned. Taylor is easily influenced and likes to please people something Turner clocked right away. That doesn’t work well in the BB house because you can easily be manipulated, which was happening with Taylor. Michael and Brittany were talking about taking the shot at Joseph if he did appear on the block alongside Indy or Terrance. This is the problem with a goat (a literal player dead in the water). You always place them up with another goat to ensure you get one or both out the game because the temptation to take out a stronger player against a goat will always prevail.

You start to take out goats when the number get real low where you have leverage to break a potential tie, final five, final four is the best spots because you can force a tie, and as HOH sealed the eviction, or at the final four with the POV win you cast the vote to evict. The POV competition was the prize and punishment one where Kyle won and I was thankful. However, Brittany of all people pushed the notion of getting Alyssa out which Taylor was okay with. Here’s the problem Michael and Brittany start to overplay a bit trying to play both sides of the alliance Kyle against Joseph. If you stoke a fire you have to be able to control the fire, which Brittany and Michael were not doing a great job in my opinion, you need social capital and major finesse; seeing both play without the other will be a ton of fun in my opinion so seeing them split would be great.

Kyle has been trying to get Brittany and Michael to align with Alyssa and bring in Turner. The foursome is looking good, Turner not sure on just yet, because he is loyal to The Pound and can use this alliance if it forms and out it to Monte and Joseph. Alyssa has loose lips and sinks ships by telling Turner she had sex with Kyle. Yes that happened in the BB house people and then Turner told Kyle he knows, and he later told Monte who now knows, as well as Joseph. Kyle I knew would be the weak link.

Long story short, Michael and Brittany don’t know how bonded Kyle is to Alyssa now so his loyalty will be to her over Turner, Michael or Brittany long term. You cannot go to the final five with a showmance; it’s way too dangerous. They will have to be split if I’m being honest in this upcoming double eviction. Kyle is likely the better competitor to take out, and if you can get Jasmine out that week to or Alyssa even better for Taylor, Turner, Joseph and Monte.

Kyle continued to show his ignorance and micro-aggressions calling Joseph, Taylor and Monte loud. He did this same mess the previous week with Michael and is doing it again, but this time with Michael and Brittany cosigning it. Last week I thought it was ignorant, this week, I’m calling a spade a spade, it is borderline racist and Kyle has some serious learning to do. It was very disappointing to see this from Michael and Brittany who were concerned by optics, if you are concerned about optics then there is something wrong. And the thought of utilizing Terrance to MAKE IT SEEM like you’re not going after all the people of color, but having 1 PERSON of color in your ‘alliance’ that is even worse.

Paloma, Pooch, Ameerah, Nicole and Daniel already had to face the music on the outside. Looks like Kyle will ABSOLUTELY be added to that list, and so will Michael and Brittany. I was rooting for Michael and Brittany, but this ignorance I cannot allow to fly without holding their feet to the fire.

Just say you’re going after someone because they are a target for you. Michael you have every right to go after Monte who named you. Brittany, you have no reason at all, if anything you should be thinking about clipping Michael and Kyle because you right now can’t beat anyone unless you get to the end with a Terrance or Jasmine to be honest.

One step forward, two steps back this season. Kyle you may as well come out and say I want to work with all the White people and none of the people of color because you have echoed this multiple times now and it is just ugly, very ugly.

KYLE JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE OF COLOR DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE WORKING TOGETHER! The Cookout was a one-time unique situation. Stop letting your preconceived notions that are NOT ACCURATE cloud your judgement and allow you to continue to make these racist statements. You got a pass last week, you’re not getting one this week. Kyle also spilled to Michael that the guys (Kyle, Monte, Joseph and Turner) are working together, without even saying it, and that should be an immediate flag to Michael to align with Taylor, Jasmin and Terrance, with Brittany and Alyssa to strike at Kyle. He’s the leaky faucet. You take out Kyle and you have Alyssa to yourself perhaps if you nurture that relationship because where else is she going to go.

Really starting to see that Brittany is insecure; she is an attention seeker and if she doesn’t get it, she comes up with these outrageous theories and just spin them to fit her narrative. Plain and simple she plays the victim when she doesn’t have to. Tell the house your job, you might bond more with people by doing that. The key is stop hanging with Michael all the time people. There are other people in the house you can talk to.