FBI Investigates Deputy-Arranged Fights

FBI investigates alleged deputy-arranged fights in San Francisco Jail

SAN FRANCISCO—Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco sheriff, requested FBI to investigate the deputy-arranged gladiator-style inmate fights that allegedly occurred in San Francisco County Jail. On Friday, April 10, Mirkarimi announced that FBI has agreed to conduct the investigation. The San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department are investigating the case as well.

Mirkarimi is glad that the feds will lead the investigation as they will perform “an impartial investigation without conflict of interests.”

The sheriff learned about the fights on March 26 from Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender. Adachi’s office received an email from one of the inmate’s father, who reported the incident.

Once the incident was reported, Adachi interviewed Ricardo Garcia, whose father notified authorities about the fights. In the interview, Garcia said that deputies forced him to fight with Stanley Harris, another inmate. They fought two times and a third fight was scheduled. Other inmates who were interviewed separately also confirmed that the fighting took place in the jail.

In the next two weeks the internal investigation will be completed. Mirkarimi will decide if the four deputies who allegedly set up the fights will be terminated. Since the investigation is ongoing,  the deputies have been reassigned to positions that require no contact with inmates.