HOLLYWOOD—After rumors, the official news finally hit a few days ago that Guns N’ Roses will reunite at Coachella from April 15-17 and from April 22-24. Coachella has been known for years to reunite bands. This year if you want to see Guns N’ Roses, be prepared to dish out a few hundred dollars. It will definitely be worth it though, to finally see Axl and Slash on the same stage.

When Billboard first broke the news, it seemed very doubtful after all the bad blood between Axl and Slash. Then the subtly hints, the cryptic update on the Guns N’ Roses website and the second hint during screenings of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” where the footage of a concert crowd was shown with GNR music overdubbed. Fans began speculating and thrilled beyond belief. The reunited band is also negotiating with promoters to play as many as 25 football stadiums in the U.S. in the summer of 2016, and is scheduled to be one of the first acts to play the new Las Vegas Arena, set to open April 6.

According to a press release from the GNR camp, Slash and Duff McKagan will re-group, however, it is still unclear rather other former members will be joining in. Ironically, I bumped into the drummer of the band Frank Ferrer on December 30, who was having dinner at the Red Cadillac in Union, New Jersey, but didn’t want to bombard him with questions.

The last show Axl and Slash played together was back in July 17, 1993 in Buenos Aires. It’s exciting that the two have ended their long-running impasse. One thing is for sure, Axl Rose is a briliant, musical genius. There is a reason for everything he does, including not showing up on the Jimmy Kimmel show on January 5. Even Jimmy Kimmel had no idea why he cancelled, on January 4. “Axl Rose was supposed to be here tomorrow, but he wil not be here tomorrow….for reasons known only to Axl Rose. Or maybe he will be here….maybe he’s just trying to keep us guessing,” said Kimmel. Guns N’ Roses most recent tour, which only included Axl Rose from the original lineup, grossed $15.2 million, according to reports. As of press time, it is unclear about the rock band’s classic lineup, which includes Izzy Stradlin and drummer Steven Adler.

So why do bands reunite? Limelight, and of course, for the money. These days its the touring that brings in the monetary gains. According to published reports, GNR is apparently asking for around $3 million per show, and this year with the regrouping it could be even higher. According to the RIAA, the band’s first album, “Appetite for Destruction,” is the biggest-selling debut in U.S. history, with 18 million sold. They have also sold 44.5 million albums in total.

Throughout the years, this well-established band has had a huge following and a devoted loyal, fan base. Guns N’ Roses have always been a band fueled by controversy and yet the fans have always waited for the charismatic, frontman Axl Rose. They even waited until the sixth studio album “Chinese Democracy,” was released, over a decade in the making. Then the “CD,” came to fruition on November 9, 2008. The New York Times even published an article titled: “The Most Expensive Album Ever Made.” It went on to say how Geffen Records attempted to get Axl to deliver the album, and it had produced costs of an estimated $13 million. Nonetheless, it was released and a triumphant, exhilarating album.

Before “Chinese Democracy,” whenever Axl Rose would appear from seclusion like a prophet, it was a shimmer of hope for the masses. Some might even say he is a recluse, I strongly believe he is a private person who enjoys living his life, his way. This year is the year for Guns N’ Roses to make history; full of twists and turns and everything Axl. Looking forward to seeing them perform, especially my favorite song, “November Rain,” which Slash kills it on the solo. One thing is for sure, fans are truly excited, but can you really satisfy Guns N’ Roses fans? They are still waiting on confirmation on the other members, as of press time, only Slash and McKagan are confirmed.

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