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Harsher Penalties Against Illegal Sideshows

Harsher Penalties Against Illegal Sideshows, according to Fox news and KRON Image credit-Instagram @desmadre_1320

SAN FRANCISCO—The city of San Francisco proposed implementing harsher penalties against illegal sideshows in order to crack down on illegal sideshows and implement harsher penalties for those who participate. The proposal comes in response to a deadly shooting which happened near a sideshow in a San Francisco Excelsior District on September 7.

On Tuesday, September 8, the San Francisco News received the statement by the San Francisco Police Department which says that officers responded to a sideshow around Russia Avenue and Paris Street, and found three victims shot in the area of Mission Street and Persia Avenue. One of the victims later died from injuries sustained.

Politicians and police admit that the deadly shooting is an example of what went wrong, and they are adding new measures against people who organize and participate in illegal sideshows. The number of illegal stunt shows are increasing, and officials have started patrol and legislation is enacted in order to remove cars from illegal car shows.

Authorities are planning to crack down with two measures. They are establishing a new specialized unit in the San Francisco Police Department, which will be trained to deal with excessive sideshows, according to Bill Scott, the Chief of San Francisco Police Department. In addition, 15 new surveillance cameras will be installed to record sideshows.

San Francisco Board of Supervisor Ahsha Safaí proposed legislation which allows the city to impound vehicles which participated in illegal shows. Under the law, the city can put people who are arrested in prison for up to six months and also impound their vehicles no less than two weeks noted Safaí.

Mayor London Breed commented, “We don’t always want to use this heavy hand of law enforcement to address issues… in this particular case because of its danger you have left us with no choice. In San Francisco that will not be tolerated.” She stressed the risk of the stunt show and showed her position against it.

“It’s dangerous for all the folks who are in range of this particular event,” said Mayor Breed.

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