UNITED STATES—I will be the first to admit it: we all have bad days. It is part of life. If someone comes to you and just seems to be positive 24/7 like Ned Flanders on “The Simpsons” I would seriously think something is wrong with that individual. It is just not possible and I don’t care what anyone says. Yes, we all want to be positive, but all the time come on America, it is not healthy. You have to voice your frustrations, you have to speak you mind, you cannot be afraid to speak your truth America.

When you are frustrated, angry, bewildered you have to let that out, but do it in a constructive way. You cannot be a complete ass at work. However, if you need a minute, let people know, just give me a minute. Let me grab a pillow and scream into it. Let me take a few quick breathes, let me do a few jumping jacks, there are ways to let out that negative energy that might be impacting your bad day.

There are always ways to combat negative energy, and I’m a firm believer you have to take that negative and turn it into something positive. Write it down, draw, write a book, craft something, do something that takes your mine off of things. When you start to occupy your time with something else, that negative aura that may have taken over your life is no longer a major focus for you people. I will argue some of us are much better at handling stress or negative stressors than others. We are just equipped to deal with them with ease because we’re so use to dealing with them.

On the flipside, you might have people who have NEVER encountered serious stress or negative stimuli and when it creeps into their orbit they don’t know how to handle it or how to respond to it. That is sometimes a direct result of their upbringing, parents coddling the child to the point that when they become an adult they just don’t know how to encounter any obstacle that may be thrown their way. The biggest is by the time they become and adult it is a bit too late to teach such tools. You can teach, but they just may not heed the advice given to them.

Breathe, just breathe. We all hear that, but so many times we don’t listen to that mantra. Taking a moment to reflect on what has transpired, why it has made you frustrated and how to best combat is helpful to deal with things in the future. I mean a few deep breathes can help you come up with a plan to tackle a problem that you thought no solution was possible. And look, if someone is having a bad day and you notice it, let that person have that time to get themselves together. If you are negative and that person is negative, guess what, negative energy plus negative energy is ONLY going to lead to more negative energy America. It’s like fighting evil with evil, it never works. A lot of people don’t understand that or grasp that concept which they should start to make a priority in life.

We are all entitled to have that bad day, and if someone tells you you’re not, tell them to look in the mirror. Having a bad day is not an excuse to make serious mistakes and not hold yourself accountable for your actions. What I’m simply saying is if you have a bad day, take time to try to turn that bad day into a good day and if really bad, that might be a sign you don’t need to work that day. Your energy is only going to impact your coworkers and that is never a good thing.

Written By Jason Jones