HOLLYWOOD─I cannot believe I am even writing this column, but for reasons I cannot fathom “The Bold and the Beautiful” just continues to travel down the same familiar path and I’m over it. I predicted this weeks ago, hoping it wasn’t true, but it seems the writers just can’t resist recycling the storyline of Liam, Steffy and Hope. Gosh, it seems like this has been ongoing for 10 damn years. Liam starts with Hope, Steffy manipulates to get him, Hope moves on, Steffy and Liam wed, Hope returns, Liam and Hope reunite, they both have his children, Liam makes a bonehead mistake, and you know the rest.

I am seriously wondering who told writers this is a tale viewer’s want to see. Hear me, and hear me loudly, WE ARE SICK OF THE STEFFY, LIAM AND HOPE LOVE TRIANGLE! It is not even fun or interesting to watch anymore, its borderline boredom and will have me swapping to another channel until the soap gets it together. We can credit this storyline directly to Thomas Forrester. I will admit Thomas as a villain has been fantastic, but his obsession with Hope I can sense will turn into something deadly or explosive (fingers crossed at least).

He now has his sister intertwined with his devious ways. I mean, Hope took Liam back after he slept with Steffy recently. Little does Hope, Liam or Steffy know that was a direct result of Thomas drugging Liam! I seriously cannot wait till that reveal comes out. To make matters worse Liam’s life was threatened by Thomas, which everyone seemed to brush off, at least everyone except Brooke. Gosh, I love this woman, her eyes are widely open and she is not letting up on Thomas and his antics.

Steffy purposely placed a kiss on Liam knowing that Hope was going to see it. Hmm, looks like a leopard can never change its spots because this is the same woman who lied and pulled all the strings possible to get Liam in the past. Let’s hope her guilt eats away at her. With that said, Thomas thinks this will open the door for him to be with Hope, but nah I don’t see that happening. Why? Hope doesn’t love easily and aren’t you with Zoe people. This will only prove what everyone has thought all along: Thomas has not changed.

Let’s talk about the story that actually has MY INTEREST: Brooke at war with Shauna. I wanted to know just when she would learn about Ridge and his dalliance with the woman whose daughter hid her granddaughter from her. Brooke learned the dirty details this week and she was on the warpath. She confronted Shauna, who taunted Brooke and got a slap to the face. Oh, it was classic soap TV, but so fun to watch. Of course Quinn wanted to defend Shauna, which only riled up Brooke more. She threw her past with Ridge in her face. It was so worth it because I’m sick and tired of Quinn thinking she is a saint.

I mean this woman did everything in her power to break up Liam and Hope, threatened Liam’s life multiple times, kidnapped him and slept with him against his will and a host of other devious deeds. She is the LAST PERSON to say anything to anyone. So Brooke and Quinn are at war, with Eric, Donna, Katie and Bill, yes, Bill Spencer of all people siding with Brooke. Its apparent that Ridge just cannot be loyal to Brooke, but this might not be the nail in the coffin, but she is going to ensure her voice is fully heard.

We haven’t seen much of the rest of the cast lately, but they are back and Dollar Bill already wants Thomas’ head on a platter for his role in the baby swap. Bill threatened Thomas, and I sense it will be Bill who uncovers what Thomas is up to, not to mention that he was responsible for Emma losing her life. Thomas has to get his comeuppance and its apparent, Ridge and Steffy are blind to his actions, but everyone else sees what he is up to.

Oh, Flo is back in the mix and pinning after Wyatt of course, to no surprise. Yeah, I pegged this months ago, so what is new people. Sally will be on the outs, and Flo will be in Wyatt’s life, go live happily ever-after because I’m over the predictability. Sally is indeed spiraling and it seems like something might be wrong with her. This will setup an interesting dynamic because Wyatt is already drawn to Flo, and Katie’s ‘big meeting’ in an attempt to bring the Logan family back as a unit, ain’t going to happen.

Yes, you may have Flo’s kidney, but as Brooke pointed out that does not assuage her for the big lie she told about Beth, keeping Hope and Liam away from their daughter for months. I could somewhat see Brooke forgiving Flo, but Hope, not in a million years, so Flo shouldn’t expect that to transpire. We’ve seen fiery Brooke in the past few months, it looks like docile Quinn has been woke and rather we see her travel down that dark path again will be fun to witness.