“If Loving You Is Wrong” Kicks Off Season Two

The truth about Alex's baby came to light in the season two premiere on Tyler Perry's "If Loving Your Is Wrong."

HOLLYWOOD—Last season Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” ended on a cliffhanger that most fans of the series were able to decipher. That baby that Alex was carrying was none other than Randal’s, the guy she was secretly having an affair with behind her husband Brad’s back.

The series returned for its second season on Tuesday night and delivered a whirlwind of drama as Alex had to come to terms with her actions. Esperanza, Kelly and Natalie attempted to talk with Brad about Alex’s baby not being his. I can’t believe that Esperanza and Kelly are attempting to justify Alex’ actions, it’s beyond crazy. Eddie was back to his old ways, and was beyond concerned when he learned that Lucien was speaking with internal affairs about his dirty deeds.

Marcie continued to live in misery staying in the home with her cheating husband Randal. Could it be possible that Marcie is pregnant? If it happens to be the case, that will set the stage for some major drama. Marcie was none too pleased to come face-to-face with her mother-in-law Miss Louise. This woman is a firecracker that pushed Marcie’s buttons in more ways that I can count, which prompted Marcie to call her an “old bitch.” I love seeing this fiery side to Marcie.

I thought Eddie would have been a changed man after nearly being shot to death, but he’s cheating on his wife. This guy has become more villainous now than ever; still into drugs, sleeping with women, and pulling strings to cover his tracks at the police station.

It was a bit twisted to see Randal attempt to do his best to get to see Alex and his child, and got into a dispute with Natalie that resulted in her slicing his arm on more than one occasion. Loved seeing Nat go toe-to-toe with Randal who thinks he’s impervious to his antics. What goes around comes around Randal?

It’s difficult to fathom that Alex is so distraught that she had a child with Randal that she is refusing to take her meds and to see her own child. She has gone into a deep depression and it appears that she may never grapple with the fact that she is the parent to a child that doesn’t belong to her husband Brad.

Eddie fired shots when he didn’t receive his money that he expected. His business ‘partner’ announced he recorded video of him delivering the money to another police officer. It prompted Eddie to go haywire and blow off the hand of his colleague. Damn, this guy is cold blooded. He even got his rookie to pull his file before Lucien could spill the beans to internal affairs.

It looks like the newest season will look to transition to new storylines, and not focus solely on the tale of Randal and Alex’s affair. I mean there are a ton of characters and other juicy drama on the series that can go in so many different directions. Tyler Perry’s “If Loving Your Is Wrong” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on OWN. Until next Tuesday drama lovers!