Increased Graffiti On Street Murals

One of CAMP's oldest murals "El Mismismo" (1994)- Vandalized last January

SAN FRANCISCO—According to recent reports, there has been a significant increase of the vandalizing of local street art throughout the city, notably in Mission District and Clarion Alley.

Many street artists are angered by the high level of graffiti painted over art that has been valued and loved for years. Most has occurred in Mission District, specifically the Clarion Alley passageway. This narrow trail runs between Valencia Street. and Mission Street. It has been known since the 1960’s by residents as the core of artistic activity.


One of CAMP’s oldest murals “El Mismismo” (1994)- Vandalized last January, according to CAMP’s Facebook page.
In addition, the North Beach mural, “Gold Mountain” reportedly had to be painted over as it was continuously getting vandalized to the point of needing to do away with the artwork completely. The San Francisco Department of Public Works spends over $20 million annually to clean graffiti up in the city, according to its official website. The department will be hosting the Zero Graffiti International Conference, which will take place January 16-18, 2013. The conference “is open to all who are forced to deal with unwanted graffiti vandalism, and will consist of discussions, information sharing, innovative presentations, and networking for those dedicated professionals and community members seeking to end graffiti vandalism in their cities and neighborhoods around the world.” (
By: Katherine Noland