HOLLYWOOD—It was refreshing that “Insecure” returned to the focus of Issa in this week’s episode. Last week, was all about Lawrence, this week, ‘Faulty, Okay!?’ returned to the focus of Issa and Molly’s friendship continuing to repair the fractures. Molly and Issa were on a little gathering that involved Nathan and a few of his pals. It seems Nathan and Issa are NOT on the best of terms after she left him sitting in bed awkward to say the least people.

Also partaking in the activities were Kelli who continues to provide the hilarity that is needed in this comedy people. What I love so much about “Insecure” is it doesn’t shy away from the awkward moments that tend to transpire with interactions between Issa and the many people she encounters. So much for Nathan’s gathering because an earthquake shattered things, and his so called BBQ turned into a pizza fest. Well, it was not just an earthquake; a possible tsunami warning forced the beach to be closed.

Nathan warned his pal to steer clear of Issa because she plays games. Hmm, Nathan seems a bit salty people. His pals enlightened him that there might be more to his relationship with Nathan. Issa was NOT pleased that Crenshawn was talking bad about her utilizing social media to spread the message people. Molly urged Issa to make a decision about rather she wants to pursue a relationship with Nathan or not.

The pursuit of Molly was in full force people and I think for once she actually enjoyed what was taking place. A friend from Nathan’s past shared a bit of Intel about his past that did NOT please Nathan to say the least. It was apparent that Nathan was a bit comfortable, but Issa came to his rescue. Kelli per usual became the dramatic queen that she is. This is simply the fun road trip episode, where people talk crap about their past and just joke and laugh along the way people.

Work was absolutely impacting Issa’s focus on letting loose and having a good time with friends. Crashing a Jason Derulo party without being invited is not the smartest thing to say the least. Molly was thinking about letting loose as well. Well, it looks like Molly’s new boy toy chose here over everyone else people. It was apparent that Nathan’s pal felt a bit out of the loop with his new friend group.

Nathan got a hard dose of reality about how his manic behavior which resulted in a major rift in a longtime friendship. That was a blow Nathan was not expecting, and it led to Issa feeling a bit left in the cold, but it opened up the opportunity for her to act on her feelings for her newfound friend. Issa and Nathan came to a meeting of the minds about where they stood in their friendship and their desire to take things to the next level.

They shared a kiss that ignited sparks, so it looks like Issa has moved on from Lawrence and Nathan the guy who she initially expressed interest in and dumped for Lawrence, is now her focus. Good to know people. A bit of a slow episode in my opinion, but eager to see what transpires next week on “Insecure” people!