HOLLYWOOD—We’ve been guessing for weeks, and during Friday’s cliffhanger the audience learned that J.T. Hellstrom who was knocked in the head with a fire poker and buried in Chancellor Park is NOT DEAD! Yes, Nikki and Sharon got the shock of their life when they spotted J.T. in the flesh in a hoodie as they looked out the window. This absolutely changes everything America. Why? Nikki, Sharon, Victoria and Phyllis do not have to worry about going to jail for murder, but J.T. is definitely out for revenge, and some chaos is about to explode.

Nikki and Sharon alerted Nick of J.T.’s presence and they made a pact not to involve the police considering Paul’s role in using J.T. as a mole to take down Victor. It is slightly smart in a dumb way, even though a frazzled Mariah was ready to dial 9-1-1 quicker than you can count to three. It seems like the writers don’t really know what to do with Mariah, because at one time I thought her relationship with Tessa would be rekindled. Too bad it looks like Sharon gave her some information about J.T. on the night he disappeared that Mariah might be able to piece together if she is smart enough.

There is a lot of madness happening with Jack courtesy of his drive to discover if Phillip Chancellor is indeed his father or not. Jill shut down his petition to have Phillip’s body exhumed, but too bad Kyle wasn’t letting things ponder. So he went to work with a shovel to dig up Phillip’s grave, too bad Jill caught him and went into an –uproar. The more I ponder, it seems that this notion that Jack might be a Chancellor is a complete ruse, which means he is indeed John Abbott’s son afterwards!

This is lazy on the writer’s part to convolute such what could be a bombshell secret for it to become a whimper. At this point, this storyline is already tired and old. This sets up some interesting dynamics because Ashley has left Newman and returned to Jabot in a top position to say the least. Kyle is indeed a smooth operator and it looks like things could be headed to him and Summer getting back together in due time. Too bad Summer seems to have eyes for Billy and its starting to raise suspicions in Phyllis who thinks Billy might be cheating on her, but little does she know he’s not; he’s back to gambling.

Why? Billy really didn’t want to give his ‘sister’ that title as it ruffled feathers with Phyllis and Kyle who felt once again that he was at the bottom of the barrel. Billy is planning to use Summer to take back the realms of Jabot and I sense this could be the thing that leads to Ashley’s departure. I’m trying to wrap my head around precisely what will happen to Ashley considering her performer Eileen Davidson is vacating the role America.

The romance is heating up for Arturo and Abby who took their relationship to the next level, just as it became more apparent now than ever, that Hilary is indeed tempted by Nate. Too bad Nate thinks the woman is a mess. She just can’t help herself to insert herself into the lives of others and I can sense, Nate will play a vital and I mean vital role in Hilary’s impending departure from Genoa City. He taunts her in ways that get so underneath her skin it’s so much fun to finally see Hilary get a taste of her own medicine. Nate is cruel in a way that is not vicious, but gives Hilary just enough to realize that he’s not one to be toyed around with.

In some good news, Nick was award custody of Christian, so just when Victor thought he one upped his flesh and blood, it backfired. J.T. is back, but it seems the explosive fireworks have yet to transpired, so the question that remains is what does “The Young and the Restless” have under wraps?