HOLLYWOOD—So after nearly a year since her unexpected return from the dead on “The Young and the Restless,” Diane Jenkins has reclaimed the man who previously had her heart. Who am I referring to? Jack Abbott. Yes, Jack and Diane tied the knot this week and those closest to them, mainly the Abbott family, Abby, Devon and a few others attended the festivities to celebrate their love. However, it would not be a wedding without a surprise or two, which is exactly what unfolded. How so? You can thank Tucker McCall and his quest to take over Jabot. He wants Audra to reignite with Kyle for information so he can continue his master plan.

What is the problem? Kyle has already had his antennas raised in regards to Audra and her relationship with Tucker. Tucker arrived to the festivities with a gift as a sign of a peace offering, but Jack and Billy were not buying it. More on that later

Mamie has purchased Victor’s stake in Chancellor-Winters which has everyone, and I mean everyone scrambling, especially Jill who has history with the woman. Devon, Lily and Nate are happy to have their aunt back in Genoa City, whereas, Jill is skeptical of the move and I must agree. Jill has tried to warn Devon and Lily about the move and why Mamie kept it from them, while Nate is just happy to have his aunt in her orbit. Jill is onto something, and that call Mamie had in her suite was just further confirmation.

Why? Mamie had a glare at Tucker when he showed his face at the wedding reception unexpected. Hmm, could Mamie really be working with Tucker and why would she be working with such a vicious character. Is he blackmailing her? Is she blackmailing him? I mean Tucker’s plot is only going to blow up in his face because he’s going to prove to Devon that he never changed and it’s going to hurt his relationship with his son even more than he expected.

I can officially say Nick and Sally are over. He learned about her kiss with Adam and realized that his flame still has feelings for her ex and it was the right move. Yes, I liked Nick and Sally together after being against it, but the chemistry with Sally and Adam is just fiery and those two are destined to be together. This only opens the door for Nick to reunite with Sharon, just as its apparent her fling with Chance is over.

Chance built a friendship with Sharon and it was just sex; I’m sorry that is what it was. He has an attraction to Summer and the more these two spend together it is obvious they will ultimately become a couple even if its against Sharon’s wishes. The jealously is definitely starting to rear up for Sharon as she realizes Summer is getting closer and closer to Chance each day.

Jack and Billy have that leverage on Tucker and that sexual harassment cover-up and they’re aware that Phyllis has ties to their enemy and they plan to utilize that to their advantage. Nikki has a new personal assistant at Newman Enterprises, Claire (Hayley Erin), who is going to be a bit of a spy for Nikki Newman and she already has Audra nervous.

Yeah, I feel like Claire is going to be a trouble maker and that is something intriguing to watch in the coming weeks. I love this scrambling because Audra and Tucker are being placed into a box, and Tucker and Adam are now about to become foes. I mean Tucker is wickedly cruel, but Adam is just evil people, so can you imagine these two guys trying to outwit each other. It is going to be quite fascinating to watch to say the least.

Tucker’s plan to frame Billy for stealing money from Jabot backfired, as Billy and Jack got those emails from Jack and are using that information to neutralize the threat who is after them. With that said, Phyllis is still burning bridges even though Danny and Daniel have warned her to stop being her own worst enemy. I kind of need to see that downfall and it actually stick. Phyllis if you haven’t learned your lesson yet, you never will and it’s time for her to face the music.