HOLLYWOOD—It was no surprise to me that the DC comic book flick “Justice League” rose to the top spot at the box-office this past weekend, knocking another comic book favorite, “Thor: Ragnarok” from the top spot at the box-office. The question many people wanted to know was just HOW MUCH money the DC flick would earn during its opening weekend? Why? Well, the reviews for this flick were not stellar people; in fact many critics skewered the movie. However, that did not stop “Justice League” from earning $96 million during its debut weekend.

While many would argue that is a suitable feat, in the comic book world that is considered a flop. Why? When you have flicks like “Thor: Ragnarok,” “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” “The Avengers,” “Spiderman: Homecoming” and so many more earning over $100 plus million, some flicks amounting even $200 million, it’s  a sign that DC might have to do much more to combat with Marvel. The flick might be able to usher in more audiences as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, but time will tell.

Nabbing second place was the feel good drama “Wonder” starring Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay with a strong $27 million plus haul. The drama was aimed to clock in around $20 million during its opening weekend, but I have seen massive marketing campaigns for this flick in recent weeks which proved to be beneficial. On top of that this is a flick that has plenty of heart and a strong message that is imperative for school-aged children and adults to be aware of during a time where bullying is reaching an all-time high in schools, the internet and the world.

Last week’s champion “Thor: Ragnarok” dropped to third place adding another $21.8 million to its tally to bring its domestic haul to over $247 million. It’s likely to cross the $250 million haul by Monday. Fourth place was a win for the comedy “Daddy’s Home 2” with $14.8 million. The flick has already crossed the $50 million mark at the domestic box-office in only 10 days. Rounding out the top five was the murder mystery “Murder on the Orient Express” with $13.8 million.

With Thanksgiving solely approaching, moviegoers will have to choose between previous outings and a few other flicks like the animated flick “Coco” and the Denzel Washington dramedy “Roman J. Israel Esq.”