SAN FRANCISCO— On March 14, 2019, Kamala Harris was reportedly charged with obstruction of justice for her involvement in a corrupt cover-up of Hunters Point Ship-Yard and Treasure Island’s (TS) radioactive contaminates.

According to Indybay, Harris was accused by former residents Felita Sample and Andre Patterson who claimed she had promised them she would shut down development on the island once she was voted in as senator. Harris kept quiet about the toxins that were poisoning low-income residents and reportedly conspired with Test America and Tetra Tech to falsify test results.

Both Patterson and Sample lived in low-income housing on TS from some time in the early 2000’s – 2017. Sample and Patterson are both cancer survivors, and they claim in a in an interview that their illness came from the toxic exposure of the island along with numerous other medical conditions. In the interview, Sample also claims to have lost her apartment on TS for speaking out about her sicknesses caused by the radiation.

Hunters Point was a formal Naval Ship-yard and was exposed to radiation contamination between 1946 and 1969. The site was reportedly a radiological defense laboratory used to study the effects of radiation on animals and other materials. Hunters Point Ship-yard was also reportedly used to decontaminate ships used in atomic bomb testing. TS and Hunters Point Ship yard share the same waters.

Two Tetra Tech employees, Stephen Rolfe and Jason Hubbard, where sentenced to eight months in federal prison after admitting that they falsified test results on the site. According to a report by KTUV, Hubbard did not say why he substituted the false samples. However, in his March 14, 2017, plea agreement Rolfe said that “my motivation came from pressure applied by the Tetra Tech supervisors.”

According to The Labor Video Project, Kamala Harris refused to conduct any investigation about the illegal firing of 6 Tetra Tech whistleblowers. Although Harris is the only one involved in this specific charge, Patterson and Sample have also reached out to House speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Gavin Newsom, Mayor London Breed and Sen. Scot Wiener, who all remained silent on the issue.