UNITED STATES—North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, fresh off his false charm offensive with the weak South Koreans at the Olympics, decided this week he wants to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. With his willing lapdog/foolish South Korean Presidential counterpart Moon cheer leading, Kim had the message delivered in person to President Trump that he would like a face-to-face meeting.

Seizing on Kim’s odd and totally self-serving moment, President Trump said he was willing, but that sanctions and maximum pressure would remain in place. Kim tried to score points by promising no new nuclear tests before the meeting with Trump.

No location was announced, but it seems improbable for it to take place anywhere but China due to the potential for Kim to be arrested and brought before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. China has been the main country propping up the homicidal regime since its cultish founding in 1948, and would protect Kim if the U.S. tried to orchestrate his capture on their soil.

The “playing nice” narrative has been in perpetual motion since President Clinton assured us the North Koreans were giving up their nuclear ambitions in 1994 in exchange for a whole host of benefits (we see how well that worked out). North Korea has played the South Koreans and the world loves fools. They have learned that acting out, threatening the world, killing millions of their own innocent people, has little downside. They smile and stall for time, all the while they sell UN blacklisted chemicals to Syria, help Iran with their nuclear program, and likely selling their chemical weapons and nuclear technology to any bad actor in the world willing to pony up the right amount of Bitcoin.

My Korean sources in Seoul tell me that Kim has really run out of money. They believe there is a new clandestine relationship between China, South Korea, and North Korea, all unified in their desire to see the United States out of the region. They pointed out that current South Korean President Moon was a radical student leader of the Bernie Sanders socialism mold, who has been taking orders from Kim, as in the past, there are documents showing him writing glowing letters of respect to Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong il.

It is a bad situation and not one for optimism of any kind. Why should people ignore the history we have of 25 years of wasted, fruitless concessions to the evil North Korean dictatorship? Why would Nortk Korea quit a few feet from the finish line of a race they have been running for decades? There is no way to verify they even would give up their nuclear program, as we learned with Iran a few years ago, when President Obama insanely struck a deal where we agreed to no U.S. inspectors on the nuclear team, and almost 3 weeks notice when the inspection team from the U.N. wanted to see a site in Iran.

In short, we gave Iran hundreds of billions and lifted all the trade sanctions, unleashing a monster in the region who is like North Korea, murderous, exporter of terrorism, and torturer of their own people. North Korea is smart enough to stall for time, promise what we want to hear, and keep working secretly on their nuclear program. For all we know, Kim could be doing all the work in Iran. President Bush was not far off years ago when he labeled these two oppressive countries as part of “an axis of evil.”

I believe the meeting will take place. There will be handshakes and smiles, with each leader looking good to his people. Perhaps Kim will agree to something small so President Trump can claim progress. Maybe Kim can agree to a 6-month nuclear freeze (sound familiar, President Clinton?), which of course he would have no plans on abiding by.The usual MO for North Korea is to do an agreement in exchange for a big payday (South Korea has been funneling them bribes and gifts for decades), and then find a reason soon after to be “offended” and pull out of whatever deal they fake signed. Maximum pressure should be a complex strike on North Korea to end this threat once and for all. Like dropping the atomic bomb on Japan was the right thing to do to save millions of lives, the cost of inaction in North Korea is even higher. Where is that nuclear technology and chemical weapons going now? Additionally, the millions who suffer in North Korea deserve to be liberated from their hell on earth as well.