HOLLYWOOD—Oh, how much fun Sally Spectra has been since arriving in Genoa City people. Like I said, the writers over at “The Bold and the Beautiful” did not know how to harness actress Courtney Hope’s talents, but we’re seeing them shine on “Y&R” and I love it people. Sally has been walking on eggshells ever since she discovered Summer and Kyle took a trip to Los Angeles and learned all about her deeds courtesy of baby stealing Flo.

I’m sorry, I hate the character of Flo Fulton on “B&B” and I think I always will because the character never paid a price for her role in hiding her cousin’s baby from her for months. That’s another tale for another time America. Summer hinted that Sally better stay in her place or the information she obtained will come to light. Kyle and Phyllis (yes she surprised me people), thought it was best for Summer to play nice with Sally. Not to use the information to her advantage, however, pesky little Summer couldn’t help, but gloat and now she’s about to pay the price.

Why? Sally just stumbled upon a ton of information and it’s a game changer to say the least. Theo returned to Genoa City to drop some knowledge on Sally and give her the arsenal of information that could not only destroy Summer’s life, but Kyle’s as well. What did Theo reveal? That Kyle slept with a married woman during his time in New York and she now has a child; a child that likely belongs to Kyle! Yeah, to say this changes Kyle and Summer’s relationship would be an understatement America, not to mention the ruthless business mogul is Ashland Locke. We’ve never seen this face, but wouldn’t it be fun if this character made his presence known in Genoa City people?

When Kyle learned what Theo and Sally uncovered he was shaking in his boots. It placed him in a dire situation where he knew he had to confess the truth to Summer before someone else heard it. It left her speechless, and it became a clear sign that perhaps Summer should have just found a way to negotiate with Sally because now her love life is an explosive mess that may not be repaired anytime soon. That is the one thing I love about Sally Spectra: she is a fighter and if you place her in a corner, she will find a way out people.

However, more bad news is headed Sally’s way because Bill Spencer is coming to GC. Hmm, Bill and Sally have never had a good relationship and Bill has done horrific things to Sally, and Sally did heinous things to Wyatt out of love, but it will be interesting to hear what Bill says America. He could continue to stick the dagger, this time directly letting Jack Abbott and Lauren Fenmore know about Sally’s past. Jack and Sally are getting cozy folks. I can absolutely see a relationship blooming there.

Speaking of relationships, it looks like we are about to see a Victoria Newman versus Lily Winters war for Billy Abbott’s heart. Now that Billy has moved on, Victoria is now recalling all the happier times she had with Billy and it’s obvious she wants him back people. The question to ask is what will she do to make that happen? Devon and Elena slept together during that storm and are now keeping that tryst quiet from Nate and Amanda. I will admit I never expected to see that transpire and it will be interesting to see if Elena and Devon reunite or if they’ll return to their respective partners to be. They are dancing around their secret as they attempt to return to ‘normal’ hoping Devon and Amanda never learn what they did. Hmm, we shall see.

What is going on with the Abby and Chance narrative? I mean Mariah just revealed she was going to be the surrogate for their baby and out of the blue Chance vanishes. Yeah, it was terrible timing on the writer’s part and I think a direct result of the series firing Donny Boaz. I mean this was a hot storyline, so what happens next. Will a baby still be on the way and what about Abby? Are we about to see that character leave the canvas also? Probably not, by Chance was called onto a mission by the feds which means the viewers should not expect to see him anytime soon.

Then we must chat about the mayhem that is taking place with Chelsea, Adam, Sharon and Rey. Sharon is helping to try to break through for Chelsea, who has misconceptions in her mind that Adam and Sharon are an item. However, if you think about something enough you can eventually manifest it America. It seems like the writers are heading in that direction for Adam and Sharon, which I think is exciting. I mean Sharon just go married to Rey and Rey’s jealous side is emerging as he forbid Sharon to continue working with Adam, just as Chelsea is gaining her momentum back.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the Sharon and Adam love pairing would rear its head, heck it was teased when Adam first returned to GC and now things are really getting interesting.