Lawsuit Filed Against SFPD For February Shooting

Recent photo of Amilcar Perez-Lopez who was fatally shot by officers from the

SAN FRANCISCO—Parents of 21-year-old Amilcar Perez-Lopez have filed a Federal Civil Rights suit against the San Francisco Police Department and Police Chief, Greg Suhr, for the death of their son on February 26.

Authorities were called to the streets of 24th and Folsom in the Mission District for a disturbance call involving Perez-Lopez. According to police testimony, the young man lunged at police with a knife and was not cooperative, resulting in the use of gun force. One Officer shot the victim five times in the back, while the other officer fired one shot at his head.
Parents of Perez-Lopez have hired attorney, Arnoldo Casillas to represent their family in the lawsuit. According to Casillas, the police in question are reporting an inconsistent tale of the incident. The plaintiffs point to the fact Perez-Lopez was running away when he was shot and that the police were in plain clothes for reasonable suspicion that the whole truth is not being depicted in this incident and are calling for justice.
The San Francisco Police Department has not commented on the issue.