HOLLYWOOD—The games people play. That should be the phrase that best defines what is transpiring right now on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” The term would be best suited for Sally Spectra and Tara Locke. They both decided to align to get what they want: Jack Abbott and Kyle Abbott. Tara’s scheming was a bit unexpected, however, Sally’s was expected. As I said before I didn’t like what the writers were doing with Sally’s character, as it feels like they are painting her in a corner, similar to what transpired on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

All is going well NOW, but the truth about her partnership is going to be exposed and Jack, Phyllis, Kyle and the rest of Genoa City will have Sally on their hit list, virtually meaning, redemption for the character will NOT be easy. The same goes for Tara. Especially considering that Billy has her pegged as a schemer. Like I said in my previous column, Billy and Lily have NOT had much to do except dig up trashy tales about Ashland Locke and his health in hopes of gaining leverage over the business mogul. Here’s the problem, all that leverage is going to Victoria Newman.

I could NOT be happier with the pairing of Ashland Locke and Victoria Newman. The characters have chemistry and they just work to perfection. I mean Billy was jealous a bit, but after he learns his ex is now sleeping with the titan, that will indeed change everything and I mean everything people. Their personalities mesh because the characters don’t tolerate BS and I love them that much more for it. Ashland does indeed feel like he has health problems, but rather he is exaggerating those or not, I’m not 100 percent sure, but there is definitely something to look out for, especially with Lily probing her cousin Nate for information.

Speaking of Nate, he is getting chummy with Imani much to Elena’s annoyance. Yes, Elena sees the sparks and I sense she is going to be the fifth wheel when it comes to Amanda, Devon, Imani and Nate. Devon and Amanda are pretty solid, and Elena’s relationship with Nate has been on rocky ground since she slept with Devon after she reunited with Nate. The sisters are actually aligned for once in their quest to prove their mother, Naya’s innocence much to Sutton’s chagrin.

Naya did not kill Richard: Hilary and Amanda’s birth father, but Sutton absolutely knows who and if this political power player is willing to allow his own daughter to take the fall there is no telling what this guy would do to cover his tracks. Victor and Nikki, what the hell are you two doing. It just seems like the writers are not even trying to give these characters a story to play with in the past 2 years, which is a bummer. The Adam, Chelsea and Victor saga is ongoing, so you have no idea how happy I was to see Chelsea leave town with Connor to visit her mother.

Adam and Victor will have to annoy someone else until the time being and it looks like the Sharon, Rey and Adam triangle will intensify especially with Adam living on the ranch once again. Should the audience expect the sparks to reunite? How could we not at this point, as what other drama are they cooking up for Rey and Sharon. This brings me to the Mariah is missing tale. If it is not obvious who has abducted Mariah, you have not been watching the soap.

Stitch aka Ben didn’t just return to town for a celebration of one of his bosses, it;s to find a way to cure his son. I feel like Abby’s bundle of joy growing in Mariah’s belly is key, which is way he was staring into the Chancellor estate with Abby, Mariah and the rest of the gang. The truth is certain to be unveiled in the coming weeks and I will not be surprised when the other shoe drops people. With that said, “Y&R” has to cook up some new storylines, ones that will entice viewers to keep watching.