KENOSHA, WI—A video published on Twitter and Facebook shows a looter attacking a man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as he tried to defend a charitable association by spraying looters with a fire extinguisher.

The post on the Facebook account, “Protest The Protesters” reads: “So this is a clip of the 71 year old man defending his store from looters n then getting beat up for it! This is stopping tonight!! Y’all need to stand the f— up with me n take out cities back!”

In the video, the man can be seen at the entrance to Danish Brotherhood Lodge 14 — a charitable society that was set on fire by rioters on Monday, August 24 — with a fire extinguisher, which he then uses to spray at rioters in an attempt to drive them away from the building.

The woman filming the video can be heard saying: “Dude I’m gonna help this guy, I don’t give a f— if I get beat up.” 

As the man sprays rioters — who are actively looting — with the fire extinguisher, he is punched in the head from behind from another individual, causing him to fall to the ground. He can be seen bleeding with his head face up, but still conscious. 

The video opens with the protester telling the business owner seen holding a fire extinguisher: “I had nothing to do with that.”

The man responded, “Really?”

After he falls to the ground, a crowd of protesters or bystanders surround the man to help him. The woman filming can be heard facilitating the rescuers with “We gotta help him,” and “We need to move him across the street because the building is on fire.”

The man was seen carried across the street. He was giving a drink of water, and was wiped with cloths as his head continued to bleed. The woman filming can be heard sobbing as she assured the man. 

Screenshot of the business owner helped by rescuers as he sits down bleeding.
(Video: Facebook post/”Protest the Protesters”)

“I pray that God blesses you and I pray that you are alright,” says a bystander. 

The video ends with the helpers dialing 911 and asking the victim for personal information. 

During the last few days, rioters have taken to Kenosha, where they looted the city’s businesses and clashed with police, hurling objects, including fireworks. A car dealership was set alight. 

The violence that ensued across Kenosha was triggered by an incident on Sunday in which police officers shot a Black man seven times from behind as he allegedly refused a lawful order to stop and allegedly attempted to gain entry to a vehicle.

The Danish Brotherhood Lodge 14, which started 128 years ago, launched a fundraiser to rebuild the lodge on GoFundMe.

The author of the online fundraiser shared photos of the Danish business and its legacy in the community. “The Danish has always been a community gathering spot for so many,” read the description.

Screenshot of the GonFundMe page for the Danish Brotherhood Lodge 14

“We need to keep our danish heritage alive and well in our community,” read the description in closing. “Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all! SKOL!”

As of 9:22 PM, August 27, $5646 of the $750,000 goal has been raised.

Looters assault an older business owner trying to defend his business in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 24, 2020.

— After Action Report (@after_theaction) August 25, 2020