HOLLYWOOD—I have been eagerly waiting for the return of this Tyler Perry guilty pleasure for months. As much as I love “The Haves and the Have Nots,” his soapy drama “If Loving You is Wrong” is so good words can’t describe it. The season two finale left plenty of stunners for fans and season three picked off precisely where things left off with Alex frantic when she discovered that her son was missing. That wasn’t the only chaos as Travis went from charmer to creeper in a matter of minutes by sneaking into Kelly’s home.

The season 3 premiere ‘Watch Your Back’ opened with a rattled Alex searching the neighborhood for her son, and coming across a trail of blood from Randal’s house. Yeah, Alex, asking your father to take care of the situation may not have been the smartest thing to do. Man this looked like a horror movie, blood was everywhere. The bloody mess was the result of Miss Louise being injured, and things don’t look good; this is heartbreaking to watch unfold. She was begging Alex for help, and it was apparent that she could not visibly see what was going on.

Alex was a complete mess, not certain precisely what to do, as it became apparent that Miss Louise realized it was Alex in the room. This episode, full of chaos picked up with Natalie and Lushion tending to Joey and Faun who were both shot. Man this was a tense moment, and things only got more chaotic, as Esperanza and Kelly chatted. Kelly divulged that Ramsey is no longer chasing after her, but not before Kelly finally revealed that Justus’ father contacted her and wants to live with her. It looks like Kelly might be indebted to Justus’ father, who took the fall for some past transgressions she did. Hmm, so Kelly is no angel after-all people.

Eddie was livid with Ben for having a bit of compassion regarding Pete and his current predicament. Eddie, you might want to stop right now if you’re trying to look for Claudia, um, she’s an undercover agent and NOT one to be messed around with. Yes, Ben is looking like he is finally fed up with Eddie and his shenanigans. What the hell is up with Steven? I’m dying to understand his angle in this mess.

Eddie decided to confront Andrew about getting involved in his plans regarding Pete. Per usual Eddie made threats, but was surprised to discover that Andrew wasn’t too spooked by his threats, but when he slapped Andrew that was a bold move. The fact that Eddie had the balls to ask Ben to tie his shoes makes me want this guy to meet his maker way sooner than I expected.

Things got further interesting when Andrew confronted Ben about his involvement with Pete’s shooting. What the hell is Ben the bully right now? For someone so timid in front of Eddie, it would be nice to see him put some of that aggression at the person who has him by a leash.  Andrew is indeed not having a good day, but the fact that he knows what is going on says it all. Ben being the little minion that he is searched the Captain’s computer for any information he could retrieve on Claudia.

Seriously, Alex still hasn’t called the police to alert them that Miss Louise is near her death bed? Instead she called Marcie, asking her to get in contact with Brad. Marcie was not pleased to hear from Alex, but that prompted the good girl to give Brad a call alerting him that Alex needed to speak with him. Wait a minute, Brad, Brad is digging a grave? Why is my gut telling me it’s for Randal. Was he the one who intervened with Rusty and his gang of racists?

Well, well, Andrew pulled over Julius who appeared quite drunk and was driving too fast. Looks like someone is about to go to jail! I have a feeling Andrew won’t be sticking around this season for too long, he’s already made 3 enemies in just one episode. Well, well, looks like Julius spotted that notebook and those pictures with Ben and Eddie, which means he might put an even bigger target on Andrew. Julius started discussing Eddie’s antics, which made Andrew uncomfortable to say the least. Yeah, that was definitely a rookie mistake Andrew made.

Travis was seen waiting on Kelly’s porch, which made her quite angry to say the least. It is indeed evident that Travis is unraveling as he accustomed Kelly yet again, and it became apparent to her that he’s more dangerous than she ever suspected. The final moments of the episode saw Randal trapped in a wooden box, and Alex’s baby crying. So who has the baby, please tell me it’s NOT Rusty. I must admit this episode gave a lot of narrative to the viewers, but next week’s episode looks more entertaining. Until next Tuesday “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds.s