HOLLYWOOD—Last week audiences were treated to a double dose of Tyler Perry’s guilty pleasure “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode ‘Randal’s Stage’ proved that some people never change no matter how many opportunities they are given. Eddie tussled with a guy in a bar that Esperanza was chatting with. This woman will never be able to escape this guy until he’s dead. Randal seemed intrigued by Tanya as he watched her from his window. Gosh, this guy and Eddie are getting on my last nerves.

Steven and Esperanza indulged in a bit of fun, just as Eddie’s goons were keeping tabs of his wife and his enemy without him knowing. Randal continued to pursue Alex, who wants nothing to do with him. Catch a clue Randal you ruined this woman’s life; why in the hell would she want to go back to you? I like the notion of Marcie with Ian, but I’m not sure if they’ll become an item. This guy is giving her all the signs that he is interested, yet she is not ready to take the leap because of Brad.

Natalie and Lushion discuss Kelly’s decision to try to take her life. Hmm, are we seeing a bit of friction between these two? Lushion called a spade a spade about Natalie’s cold emotions (but it’s true)! Lushion decided to pay his new neighbor, Ian, who has been avoiding his phone calls a visit. Our undercover agent was not happy and called out the lawyer on his antics. Let’s just say that emotional ‘response’ from Ian upon learning Kelly committed suicide was weak as hell if you ask me.

Here we go again, Marcie and Brad dancing around rather they want to be in a relationship or not. Heck even Brad knows that Ian is into Marcie. Yeah, pegged it, Marcie and Brad will become an item, causing more friction for Randal and Alex. Brad was a bit wicked with Alex, who thought she might have a shot with her hubby, but that ship has sailed once and for all.

Randal thought it would be a good idea to toy with Tanya and he is coming across as a complete creep. This woman is suffering from a mental illness back the hell off. Rick decided after weeks of not helping Kelly took heed to Esperanza’s words. Too little too late Rick, but he cued her in that his family wants to destroy her life. C’mon with this tired dialogue, but cue Rick making moves to try to help Kelly with an escape route. Now this is interesting.

Larry was not happy to hear from Randal who was upset that he was conned into signing divorce papers. The final moments of the episode saw Steven get ambushed by a bunch of Eddie’s minions. Looks like next week Ian might take a stance, while Eddie might get the butt whopping we’ve all been waiting for. Until next week “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!