HOLLYWOOD—Last week audiences were first introduced to new and familiar faces in the world of the “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff series, “The Perfectionists.” This week, the drama kicked into full gear with the episode, ‘Sex, Lies and Alibis’ where suspicion began to be cast on everyone who could have had a reason for wanting to knock off Nolan Hotchkiss. Let’s just say Nolan had plenty of enemies, just like Alison DiLaurentis on “PLL.” Ava was heartbroken over Nolan’s demise and immediately pointed the finger at Caitlin (who did conjure up how she expected her fake ‘beau’ to meet his maker). I’m thinking someone heard that conversation and took action.

Dylan was having trouble sleeping trying to grapple with Nolan’s untimely departure. It’s amazing how some of these characters can act as if a major murder did not just transpire. Maybe they wanted Nolan dead more than they were willing to reveal. Alison was concerned about the message written on her wall, which I suspect may have been a direct result from Taylor or Mona; I’m going to go with the latter. Caitlin and Dylan chatted about their predicament, as the claws came out between Ali and Mona.

Yeah, the whole TEXT thing I’m slightly over that; that is so “PLL” like 10 years ago. Dylan’s boyfriend was concerned that his lover might have a motive to want to take out Nolan, especially after finding those papers he wrote. Caitlin was spiraling about her paper also pointing fingers at Nolan, as Jeremy seemed to not have a care in the world. Mona blamed herself for Nolan’s demise. Ali frustrated with Mona’s antics delivered her one hell of a slap to the face; it was a moment that literally caught me off guard.

While sleeping, Ava received a visit from mysterious strangers, who actually turned out to be Caitlin and Dylan hoping to ensure the look like one big happy family. We know a few secrets, but I’m dying to know what other secrets are still under wraps. Don’t like that I’m getting “PLL” vibes from this episode. I know it’s a spinoff from the original, but having a bit of originality in the narrative helps a ton. At the funeral, the trio received a message from Ali wanting to speak to her students.

Now who is this Mason? He was a childhood friend of Nolan’s who might be harboring some secrets America. Ava was not happy to see a former FBI agent from her past aimed to catch the person responsible for killing Nolan. Mona seems to still be up to her tricks people, which left Ali on edge a bit; can she trust her frenemy or not? So Mason and Caitlin used to be a couple? Jeez, this girl has guys fawning all over her; I wonder if that has something to do with her powerful mother. Hmm, the fact that Mason was questioning his former flame needing an alibi concerned me greatly.

At the greenhouse, Dylan snooped around and discovered a letter, one that was not immediately exposed to the audience. During a late night chat, Dylan, Caitlin and Ava were concerned that someone might be watching them. Ali met with Dana Booker, the new head of security at Beacon Heights University. Booker was doing her best to pair a link between her student’s papers and Nolan’s murder. Hmm, Ali what are you going to do? Are you going to cover for your students?

Ava was downing the bottle pretty hard, as Dylan and Caitlin did their best to be a listening ear. Ali seems to be the obsession of someone, as she found Claire Hotchkiss in her living room startling her to the core. Ali and Claire shared a moment; as we learned more about Taylor. Mona got details that Spencer and Toby eloped, ‘Spoby’ forever America! The final moments were interesting to say the least as Ava, Dylan and Caitlin were pulled into Dana’s orbit.

Ali covered for her students, who were about to fall right into a trap. Uh-oh, this should be good people, but considering these three are such red herrings, there is NO WAY they killed Nolan, which makes things interesting to say the least. Until next week “Perfectionists” fanatics!