SAN FRANCISCO—On Wednesday, September 26, a man was arrested for decapitating his  grandmother. The suspect has been identified as Andrew Luke, 30, who called 911 following the murder of his grandmother, Chii-Chyu Horng, 82, the SF Gate reported. Luke was taken to the San Francisco General Hospital for a medical evaluation.

SF Assistant District Attorney Michael Stewart indicated to the SF Gate that on Monday, September 24, Luke indicated that “God was speaking to him and that he was possessed by a demon.”  That same day, it was reported that Luke was banging his head against the wall trying to remove the “demon.” He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to have a wound stapled on the back of his head.  

Luke continued to persist with the demonic vision that was possessing him and that he “needed to get it out.” He was banging his head against the floor in the bathroom when his grandmother came in to check on him. He believed that his grandmother was possessed dragged her into the kitchen. He attacked her with two kitchen knives and used a rolling pin to beat her before using the knives to sever her head. 

Right after midnight, Luke dialed 911 to report the murder. Authorities arrived at the senior apartment building, where the assault took place, and broke down the door. Prosecutors stated that Luke was found with bruises on his face and covered in blood. They went into the kitchen and found the victim’s dismembered head.

Family members Luke stated he suffered previously from mental illness problems. Luke indicated to police that he was being “tested by Jesus” and while aware that what he did was wrong, he stated that “Jesus can overrule laws.” 

According to reports, Luke is being held without bail and is expected in court on Tuesday, October 2.