SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrested a felony suspect that threatened to burn down a building on the day of his scheduled eviction on Wednesday, February 1.

According to police, a private guard of a multi-unit complex in Garlington Court, of the Bayview District reported the incident when the unidentified suspect refused eviction. The suspect reportedly threw objects out of the apartment, refused to leave and threatened to burn down the apartment complex, officials said.

Officials arrived on location and tried to initiate negotiation terms with the suspect, though he refused to make contact with the police and barricaded himself inside the apartment complex.

The police were forced to evacuate the building and establish a perimeter around the building. Help was sought from the Fire Departments and Paramedics, who arrived on scene, following the threat of a burned building.

“Officers called in the resources of the SFPD Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) and the Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Team (C/HNT). C/HNT & CIT Officers attempted to make contact with the subject. After making contact with the subject the C/HNT & CIT members were able to persuade him to exit the building where he was placed under arrest with no further incident,” the SFPD said in a statement.

The suspect was medically evaluated and booked for an unrelated Felony Assault Charge.