SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, February 20, an equipment operator at the Pier 96 Recology recycling plant discovered a man near the top of a pile of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans.

The individual was described as a middle-aged man. He was likely taking shelter from recent heavy rains in a recycling container that was then picked up by a dumpster truck. According Lt. Jonathan Baxter from the San Francisco Fire Department the man—who has not yet been identified—sustained critical injuries after being  crushed by the hydraulic compactor in the dumpster. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital to be treated.

Recology spokesman Robert Reed commended employees for immediately calling 911 upon discovering the man. The man was responsive when discovered, and Recology employees talked with him while waiting for help to ensure he maintained consciousness. The man was not moved until paramedics arrived.

“Things like this happen every five to eight years,” Reed said in a statement. According to NBC Bay Area News, a similar incident occurred in 2014 where a homeless man was rescued by a truck driver after knocking on the walls.

Reed has warned people against entering containers under any circumstances. Recology has been in business for over 100 years and became employee owned in 1986.