SAN FRANCISCO—A thief was caught on camera hitting two local businesses last week, where he waited for employees to leave the register unattended, then lift the money from the register and flee on foot.

The incident occurred at Urban Bowl on Friday, February 21, around 7 p.m., when the suspect waited for employees to move to the back of the restaurant. Then he reached over the register to turn the key giving him access to the cash drawer. He grabbed $400 from inside and calmly walked away.

In the video, the assailant watched the register from his table.

As employees reviewed footage of the incident, they discovered the suspect visited the restaurant earlier in the day, where he was seen on camera sitting by the window around noon, scouting the establishment.

Frankie Lee, the manager of the restaurant on Grove Street made fliers and posted on social media additional details about the incident over concern for fellow restaurants the suspect might target in the region.

Juan San Mames, the owner of Xanath’s Ice Cream on Valencia Street, recognized the suspect who stole from his restaurant two days earlier. The assailant stole money directly from the register when it was unattended, for a total of $220.

The suspect was caught on camera last Wednesday at Xanath’s Ice Cream.

The theft is believed to have transpired in 15 seconds. Authorities are investigating the incident and no further details are available at this time. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the suspect or either of the thefts are asked to contact the San Francisco Police Department.