SAN FRANCISCO—A day after President Donald Trump signed executive orders denying federal grants to “sanctuary cities,’ San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee released statements reassuring the people of San Francisco to not ‘live in fear.’ The federal cuts can cost the city up to $1 billion, if implemented.

San Francisco acquires its’ ‘sanctuary city’ status owing to its assistance to its immigrant residents providing equal opportunity and goodwill from the law enforcement agencies which has helped immigrant communities to thrive in the bay area and contribute towards city’s growth.

The executive orders threatening to cut federal grants to the city has caused anxiety amongst San Francisco residents. In his 30 minute speech delivered at a news conference at city hall on Thursday, January 26, Mayor Lee reaffirmed the democratic city’s ‘sanctuary status,’ stating:  “We are a sanctuary city,  now,  tomorrow,  forever. I am confident that San Francisco will lead the way for entire future.”

Lee promised that the city will continue working on its welfare programs like the “down payment assistance program” designed to assist people in buying their first homes and the “site acquisition program,” where several small apartments are acquired to provide temporary shelter to those wrongfully evicted.

Mayor Lee added that it isn’t clear rather such federal cuts are legal and in what precise ways it could be implemented. If such a situation arose, Lee indicated San Francisco is ready to stand up and push back against it.