SAN FRANCISCO—A city wide Amber Alert was issued on Friday May 19, after 21-month old, Makai Bangoura was reported missing by his mother. The toddler was found in Los Angeles by officials from the Los Angeles Police Department. The child has been confirmed to be in safe condition. Makai was found on May 21, shortly after 8 p.m., according to reports.

Authorities arrested the father of the child,  Jason Lam, 30, who shares joint custody of Makai, with the child’s mother.

Makai’s mother reported her son missing on Thursday May 18, after Lam failed to bring him back at the agreed-upon time. Investigators discovered that Lam was suicidal and was reported to have been exhibiting erratic behavior. Lam recently suffered from a mental breakdown, which prompted authorities to issue an Amber Alert reporting Makai as missing.

According to police, Lam tried to escape with his son in a tan 2000 Toyota. He drove south to Los Angeles on Interstate 5 with his son, while the authorities searched for him. He was tracked down by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office – the key investigative agency in the case, the SF Chronicle reported.

Lam was spotted at a local grocey store in Menlo Park before authorities finally tracked him down in Los Angeles. There was no reported injuries to the toddler during the incident.