SAN FRANCISCO—On Monday, August 31, “Revel,” an electric moped rental company, announced the expansion of its platform into San Francisco. Over 430 new mopeds have become available in the city. Each ride with a Revel moped will cost $1 to start and an additional 25 cents per minute.

The company previously operated in the Bay Area with mopeds available in both Berkeley and Oakland. The mopeds which have been made available in San Francisco have been  designed with 2,960-watt motors to handle the city’s hills.

On Monday, Revel tweeted: “Hello, San Francisco! Today we’re bringing Revel to your city, with new motors designed to tackle those famous SF hills. Check the app for our new service area, and we’ll see you on the road.”

In July 2020, Revel suspended their platform in New York City following the death of two riders and injuries to dozens of others. On August 27, the company relaunched their platform in New York City with new safety measures in place including mandatory “in-app safety training” and “helmet selfie.”