SAN FRANCISCO—In recent weeks, the San Francisco International Airport (SFO ) has gradually added services for more passenger flights as lockdown restrictions ease. San Francisco’s International Airport announced that more international flight services will be returning in June and continuing into July, including flights to Germany, Great Britain, the Philippines and China.

On June 4, United Airlines resumed passenger flights to Frankfurt with three flights per week. On June 8, British Airways resumed daily flights to London. On June 11, Philippine Airlines introduced two flights per week to Manila. Lufthansa announced that they have resumed flights to Munich starting June 23, with three flights per week. On July 16, KLM will resume direct flights to Amsterdam. Flights to Hong Kong and Shanghai have also been added to the itinerary and will remain in effect until further notice.

Prior to these announcements and changes in schedule, SFO had not offered any international flights since April 1.  While the airlines are resuming limited service, each individual country may still have travel restrictions in place, preventing passengers for entry into a country.

For Americans, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a notice on March 13 requiring all American citizens returning from Europe or Asia to submit to an enhanced entry screening, and self-quarantine for 14 days once they reached their final destination.

According to SFO, the airport has 220 weekly international flights during the month of June. This compares to the average of 42 weekly international flights that were previously scheduled in May. Prior to the pandemic, SFO operated an average of 879 international flights per day during the months of May and June.