SAN FRANCISCO—On September 19, a San Francisco resident in the Pacifica neighborhood captured a video of a mountain lion in his yard, that appeared to be watching and following children who were playing on their bikes outside. The video depicts the cat lying at the end of the owner’s walkway with his gaze fixated on a spot between the picket fence. He then gets up, and jumps over the fence into the street, before hiding underneath a car.

The person who uploaded the video has been identified as Timothy Kerrisk, and says that the video was shot on Linda Mar Boulevard in San Francisco. The video contains no audio, and when it was published, Timothy Kerrisk explained it was because “it was just me yelling for the neighbor across the street to come down and grab the kids.”


Although there’s no proof that the lion was intending to prey on the kids, Kerrisk said it was watching them. The mountain lion was not caught, and has not been identified yet.

This is not the first mountain lion to have been spotted in downtown San Francisco . Earlier in June, a juvenile mountain lion was spotted wandering through the city. That appearance made some headlines, after the deaths of three marsupials at the SF Zoo during the same week of the citing were attributed to that lion.

According to wildlife experts, mountain lion sightings in cities are often juveniles, as they have a tendency to get disoriented and wander aimlessly while they are trying to seek out new territory.