SAN FRANCISCO—On October 18, record producer, musician, mix engineer and founder of the San Francisco’s indie rock band named, Girls, Chet “JR” White passed away at his family’s home in Santa Cruz after his heart stopped, a representative of True Panther Sounds announced.

White was born in 1979, in Santa Cruz and moved to San Francisco. He graduated from the California Recording Institute with a degree in recording engineering after dropping out of Cabrillo College.

White and Christopher Owens founded, Girls, in 2007 after they moved to San Francisco and met each other. Owens is featured in the band as the songwriter and lead singer; White played bass and produced with various representatives, including the True Panther Sounds, Matador and Arts& Crafts Mexico.

True Panther Sounds released the following statement on Facebook:

“White recruited people into his army and empowered to fulfill our purpose. So many of us owe you that. True Panther wouldn’t exist without you. Our life would be fundamentally different without you. Thank you a million times over.”

On October 20, Owens responded on Twitter regarding White’s death:

“I hope you feel nothing but peace now, my brother. I love you, and thank you for believing in me and for what you brought to the table. Always and Forever, and I’ll always be proud of you. I’ll always remember you protecting Lisa, Patrick, myself and Beta from the jerks.”