EAST BAY—A group of Muslim men reported they were attacked while they were visiting Lake Chabot Regional Park for prayer in the East Bay on Sunday, December 6.

The incident was recorded by Rasheed Albeshari, one of the victims, who said a woman identified as Denise Slader, approached the men and abruptly asked them if they believed in Jesus. The men claimed they responded, and Slader became “extremely disrespectful” after telling her they respect Jesus.

According to the video footage, Slader began raising her voice and saying to the men, “Your mind has been taken over; brainwashed, and you have nothing but hate. Nothing but hate.” Slader further stated Albeshari’s “people have tortured others.”

According to the victims, the argument escalated and became physical and aggressive. A nearby park ranger attempted to intervene as the situation became more aggressive.

The video shows one of the men trying to explain to the ranger, “This lady was talking about my God, as he was saying he was…” before the man could finish, Slader struck  theman and he was heard yelling “Do not touch me!”

Albeshari claimed Slader struck him with an umbrella and was hit with coffee in his face. The footage of the incident becomes jostled and unclear after the altercation.

Slader is a government employee for the California Department of Corrections. She has filed complaints to police stating she is a victim due to her being recorded against her will.

According to the East Bay Regional Park District, the incident is being reported to the district attorney’s office for assessment. There will be discussion as to whether this incident will constitute as misdemeanor or hate crime.

Albeshari stated while he did not receive an apology from Slader, he has received an overwhelming response from his local community about the incident.