HOLLYWOOD—Well, that was quick. I thought Esme Prince’s plan to seduce Nikolas Cassadine would NOT work on “General Hospital,” but I was wrong. Nikolas and Esme committed the deed last week and Ava and Spencer were right on their heels people. Nikolas was an emotional mess realizing what he had committed. Yeah, you slept with your son’s girlfriend. That is a major problem and I cannot fathom what will transpire when the truth is exposed.

Spencer is going to be livid and his relationship with his father might be over for good. However, I am more intrigued to witness the interaction between Ava, Nikolas and Esme. Esme is quite pleased with her victory, but when the truth comes out, Esme might regret it because I can see a slap or two striking Esme’s face and Ava is going to want her bloody revenge.

I really want this Esme to be exposed narrative to come to light and with Trina and Josslyn FINALLY seeking out Spinelli for help to prove their suspicions the audience might see that happen. Why this hasn’t happened sooner I have no idea people! Spencer was rattled seeing Rory and Trina get closer and explained his frustration with his cousin Cameron. Spencer you need to expose Esme a lot sooner than later because the attraction between Rory and Trina is hot buddy.

In other news, the truth about Marshall has finally been exposed. Snore alert because for all that mystery this was the big reveal? Yeah, the writers faltered on an epic scale with this storyline I’m sorry. Curtis and Marshall are in a better place, but you cannot have this air of mystery and then have a reveal that comes NOWHERE close to leaving the audience wanting more. For me, I’m glad it’s over people.

There is a new face in Port Charles, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) who is a former pal of Dante’s. Sam is already digging/fishing for information about the relationship and its apparent both are staying tight-lipped to say the least. Looks like Cody is expected to be a suitor for Dr. Britt who has been whining about finding love for months, since her relationship with Jason Morgan fizzled after he was presumed dead.

We still haven’t found a body people, so you already know what that means: he’s alive, the soap is just waiting to see if they can recast the character because Steve Burton made the role iconic, and Billy Miller made the character his own as well, but the writers did him so dirty there is no way he’s going to reprise the role people. Valentin is still trying to woo Ned to his side to counter Michael and Drew’s plans to merge the family business with Aurora Media. Ned knows what he’s going to do; this dalliance that he doesn’t is just annoying to say the least people.

In addition, Valentin is keeping secrets from Anna who has been on the backburner a bit, but Felicia and Mac had an interesting run-in with Kevin Collins one that left both Felicia and Mac rattled. Hmm, are we getting close to Felicia learning that she has another daughter (Esme) that she didn’t even know about with a treacherous serial killer? It looks like we are nearing that direction people. The trial of the century if you want to call that concluded with the judge ruling that Nina does not have rights to her grandson Wiley. Michael and Willow were ecstatic, but Nina was an emotional mess. This is only going to draw Sonny and Nina closer. Like I said before I don’t love their romance, but it is what it is at this point people and nothing is going to change that.

The big issue of the hour is that Carly got confirmation that Nina and Willow are indeed mother and daughter. So what did Carly do? She lied. She told Drew that the DNA test confirmed they were NOT related when they ACTUALLY are. So it’s June, I don’t expect this bombshell to come out till November Sweeps at the earliest, hell, “GH” might surprise us and reveal things sooner, but I doubt it.

With that said, you can likely expect Carly to become enemy number 1 when the truth is exposed, and the war between her and Nina is going to intensify in some sort of epic confrontation, but how and who become collateral damage I have no clue. With all this taking place Michael is at war with Sonny for what reason? Michael Corinthos has always come across as a spoiled brat people and I swear a comeuppance from him is so long overdue. Dex planned to teach the Quartermaine not to mess with Sonny’s business, but Dante and Brando intervened. There has been talk of Claudia Zacchara lately people. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Dex was her long lost son looking for vengeance?