SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco Police Department Officer JoAnn Walker was honored by the United States Attorney General on Thursday, October 6. According to a press release from the SFPD, she received the Award for Distinguished Service in Community Policing.

The esteemed award recognizes individual state, local, or tribal sworn police officers and deputies for outstanding efforts in community policing.

“It’s really an acknowledgment of my work, my commitment to humanity,” said Officer Walker. “Words can’t describe how it makes me feel to be recognized at this level.” Officer Walker was nominated for the award by Crisis Support Services of Alameda County. Walker, a Park Station officer has volunteered with the Alameda County agency’s crisis and suicide prevention line for approximately 6 years, offering assistance and comfort to people undergoing mental health crises.

“Officer Joann Walker exemplifies the very best of our department,” said SFPD Interim Chief Toney Chaplin. “Her commitment to the well-being of community members goes above and beyond her daily duties as an officer. Now more than ever, her skills are invaluable as we strive to help our communities in crisis.”

Walker is a 21-year SFPD veteran and is currently assigned to SFPD’s Park Station.