SAN FRANCSICO— On Thursday morning, February 12 the oldest resident of San Francisco died at the age of 114. Lucy Mirigian, originally came to American from Armenia over 100 years ago according to KPIX. Her family also told KPIX that she loved watching the Giants Baseball Team and even threw out the first pitch at a game two years ago.

In 2012 for Mirigian’s 112th birthday the Giant’s honored her. It all happened after Mirigian was introduced to the President of the Giants, Larry Baer at a local restaurant. The Giants gifted her with a birthday cake that had 112 in large font and was shown on AT&T Park’s video board before the fifth inning. 

Mirigian was born in Erzurum, Western Armenia which was part of the Ottoman Empire known as Turkey today. She and her family left the country just before the Armenian Genocide. She was married to Ashod Mirigian. Together the couple bore 2 children: Garo and Sonia. They divorced in March 1976. 

Her daughter Sonia told the San Francisco Chronicle, “She wasn’t really sick. She died of being 114. She lived a full life!”