HOLLYWOOD—I don’t think I have been wowed by a TV series in an extremely long time, but the second season of “P-Valley” has been delivering week after week. I mean the first 6 to 7 episodes of the season gave the audience a shock after shock that was difficult hard to watch at times, but so gripping you could not turn your eyes away. The last 2-3 episodes were ok, but with that said, it all came crashing down with the season finale, ‘Mississippi Rule.’

Andre and his wife realized that their marriage was crumbling in front of their eyes, just as Lil Murda was dealing with a midlife crisis and Mercedes got back on that pole and delivered. She proved she may be past her prime, but she can still do it like no other people. Andre thought he was victorious in his campaign run, but NOPE, in a stunner of moments it was Patrice Woodbine, Mercedes’ mother who became the newest Mayor of Chucalissa. So much for your masterplan Hailey/Autumn, looks like things just blew up in your face.

Hailey needs to be worried because she is pregnant, but that was not the only devastation as Uncle Clifford learned that Ernestine is going to survive and it brought tears to both Lil Murda and Mercedes’ eyes. Keyshawn was finally ready to make her move to protect herself and her children from Derrick and his wicked ways. Whoa, Lil Murda and Uncle Clifford are pumping the brakes on their relationship!?

Patrice got comfortable in her new office as Mayor of Woodbine and it feels like she is on a high, just as I wondered how she was going to balance being mayor and a preacher, and Mercedes was not pleased one bit people. Looks like Mercedes could potentially see a career in modeling as she received a massive check for her pics from Farrah. So it looks like the casino referendum did indeed pass, but Hailey’s plan to be greedy came back to bite her as Uncle Clifford pulled one over on his foe.

Clifford brought Ernestine home, who wanted to celebrate with a massive party that included the help of Big L and others, but Ernestine did not care about taking extra precautions after recovering from the Coronavirus. Lil Murda was ready to begin his tour and delivered those missing stacks to Keyshawn as they bid farewell to one another. Mercedes was getting into the mood of decorating her gym studio, but was not pleased to see Patrice of all people, who delivered news that Terrica would get the opportunity to live with her actual mother as Chelle spends time in rehab.

Hailey comforted Uncle Clifford about his plan to manipulate her, and Clifford planned to give Hailey her money back for the club she purchased. The Pynk was staying in Uncle Clifford’s hand. Looks like Hailey received her comeuppance and it was not expected to say the least. Keyshawn got stunned when her stepmother caused chaos by calling Derrick and messing up her masterplan to escape. Ugh I have never disliked a person more than Keyshawn’s jealous and annoying stepmother. The moment Keyshawn triumphs, her stepmother better be delivered her portion of karma.

Wow, Derrick really turned the tables and turned to point the finger at Keyshawn as abusing her own kids, which she knows was completely full fabrication. Keyshawn snapped and went on a violent tirade against her hubby before she found herself arrested as a result. Mercedes was schooled in on a bit of tea by Mane about Lil Murda that shook her to the core. Ernestine had her big party outside the Pynk, but I’m wondering what is going to happen with Diamond and his scorned lover.

Andre tried getting in touch with Hailey, but her phone number was disconnected, just as he paid a visit to his jailed father. Uncle Clifford got a surprise when Lil Murda made a surprise appearance. Speaking of Diamond, he received a call from Keyshawn who asked her former pal to take care of Derrick, once and for all. Mercedes and Uncle Clifford shared a bit of tea with one another, and Uncle Clifford learned that Mercedes that she is done as a stripper.

Roulette got called out by her after hours activities and may have found a new client. Something is telling me a moment is about to unfold that is going to leave viewers stunned. Lil Murda told Uncle Clifford he was not going on tour, and spilled the truth about Big Teak taking his life. As expected, Big L delivered a major shock to Uncle Clifford who discovered that his bank account is negative thanks to Hailey who took over $40k from the account. Hailey pregnant and with a bag of money traveled to what looked like California, and rather viewers see her again is up in the air people.

Lil Murda made his intentions clear with a public kiss in front of everyone declaring his love to Uncle Clifford. However, it was the final moments of the episode that was a stunner, as Diamond was attacked by Big Bone and an ally who forced him into a trunk, triggering a moment from his time in the Iraq War, looks like Big Bone was looking to get revenge for her Montavious, and as everyone at home is screaming, “Why?” Guess we have to wait till season 3 to get those answers.