HOLLYWOOD—Kyle Abbott, the chickens finally came home to roost this week on “The Young and the Restless!” How so? His months-long lie of denying that Tara Locke’s son, Harrison, is actually HIS SON came to light this week and in epic fashion. Parties, they are never a good idea to host one, when you are harboring a secret. Kyle and Summer had their engagement party crashed by Tara and Harrison, and it led to Kyle learning a devastating truth: Ashland knows the truth and his coming after Tara and him.

Summer tried to play things up as if all was ok, but it was apparent that Nick knew something was off, and Phyllis tried to play ignorance, but it was not working people. Kyle booked on the engagement to chat with Tara who revealed Ashland knows about their affair and making matters worse was the revelation that Ashland is coming after custody of Harrison. That means Kyle has to disclose the truth about Harrison’s true paternity, which he did before the week culminated. Sorry Summer, it looks like your happily ever after ain’t going to happen, and I’m ok with that. Summer’s snobbish attitude has always rubbed me the wrong way so to see her have her world fall apart was fun; it’s a taste of her own medicine and it was courtesy of Sally Spectra.

The fiery redhead, gloated about Tara ruining the shindig, which irked Summer who delivered a slap, but the damage was already done. You reap what you sew Summer. Remember you did dirty things to Kyle and Lola’s marriage and this is karma coming back to bite you in the butt. All this chaos is fun, but seeing Ashland learn the truth about Harrison is going to be epic as it will lead to the war between Kyle and Ashland, and oh, it is going to be so fun to see how the business mogul plans to bring Kyle down to his knees because you know it’s going to be epic.

I’m not going to really talk about Faith recovering from her kidney transplant because to be honest, I really don’t care people. Adam is heralded as a hero people, but reality has hit him once again that he’s a plague that destroys the lives of those who he interacts with. Sharon and Rey are attempting their best to reconcile in the midst of Chelsea’s wicked plan and Sharon sharing a kiss with Adam. Chelsea had a mental breakdown and confessed all to Rey admitting she poisoned him and framed Adam. That resulted in Chelsea being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Michael is adamant about getting a confession from Chelsea, but little does he know Chelsea and her doctor are playing him like a fiddle people.

This led to a war of words between Adam and Chloe who forced Adam to look in the mirror people; you are NOT reformed and you telling yourself that is a major lie buddy. Glad to see Chloe call him out on it and we need to see Adam face some sort of consequence for his devious actions over the years that have continued to go unpunished people. I mean you murdered a little girl, accident or not, you got away with murder.

So if I was Chloe, hell, Billy, I’d want some form of retribution people. Lily and Billy are indeed taking their relationship to new heights by choosing to move in together, while Victoria is getting over her ex by getting closer to Ashland Locke of all people. Yeah, talk about an interesting partnership America, but it is one that I actually like people. These two are absolutely going to cause some mayhem against people.

We also have the ongoing drama between Amanda and Imani and their grandfather Sutton. Imani has an ulterior motive, but we still have no clue as viewers where this is going. I’m getting a bit tired, so we need to see something move along with this narrative to say the least people.