HOLLYWOOD—Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is the celebration that serves as a way for individuals to reflect on many things especially to be more united to each other in these troubled times. We find ourselves engaging in decorating our home and decks, giving and exchanging gifts, decorating the Christmas tree and wreaths and many more that signifies the new beginning.

During this holiday season, there are lots of things to do in order to bring enjoyment for ourselves and others. There is shopping for gifts, gathering ornaments, throwing parties, movies, holiday vacations and many more. We know that so many of us wait enthusiastically for Christmas to spend time with our loved ones and good friends.

These days amid the hustle and bustle, can we still manage to maintain a happy disposition? So many of us are filled with emotions that sometimes we tend to forget that when you’re smiling, the whole world really does smile with you. Spreading holiday cheer is now part of the season. Happiness is truly contagious and people do pass on their good cheer even to total strangers.

The holiday party season is officially here, as well, which means that most of us are probably stressing about how to look our best. Hitting the gym, getting our hair trimmed. In the next few weeks, we will be attending festive Christmas parties and company parties. So what are we wearing? Glamour is in full swing. The elegant, silver goddess look is back. Anything that really shines and shimmers, think “Glamorous” look. Red, black, silver and gold are always in, but if you’re in the holiday spirit, try red.

“So This is Christmas,” is one of John Lennon’s Christmas classics, which you will hear during this holiday season. We still can’t forget John Lennon, he was bigger than life itself, he was like a best friend. He truly influenced the world which became shattered on December 8, 1980. A horrible night, everyone froze in disbelief, in horror. Reality took a while to set in because everyone thought it was a misunderstanding- a simple error in news reporting. For those not of a certain age, there wasn’t instant internet news.

Everyone felt outraged, cheated, deprived of ever seeing the man and legend. He was taken from us in such a brutal matter. He was murdered, point blank in cold blood by a crazed fan. After all these years it’s still hard to fathom such an insane act of violence. We couldn’t imagine the effect on his sons Sean and Julian or the rest of the family, especially Yoko Ono.

For some senseless reason, we feel the pain of his loss every year on December 8. Moods change from happily normal to dark, somber and depressing. John Lennon was more than a mere image portrayed in the media, he loved animals, especially cats. He once owned six at a time. He just wanted to make a difference in the world and he did by his music. Every year on December 8, I reminisce about seeing John, when he sang a duet with Elton John decades ago.

My jaw dropped as he walked on stage at Madison Square Garden, it was truly a surprise. Over the decades (while amassing the most impressive statistics for record, associated literature with all that) the Fab four, as they became known changed. One thing that hasn’t changed is the love for John Lennon.

Lennon’s music continues to live on. Whether its John’s solo, or a duet with Elton John or the Beatles, it’s still heard everywhere in the world. What can we say about John Lennon? He was one of the greatest musician, singer, songwriter, author and activist of the 20th century. In his lyrics, he wrote about peace and love.

Something that the world certainly needs today. He literally changed the world with his music, words, and his open-mind to living life.

To celebrate what would have been his 75th birthday last month, an all-star lineup of artists performed his songs at the concert “Imagine,” which took place at Madison Square Garden on December 5. The special tribute includes a handful of influential artists such as Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler, Sheryl Crow, Aloe Blacc, Pat Monahan of Train, The Roots, Brandon Flowers of the Killers, Juanes and many more.

The concert broadcast will also have a special video featuring Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. The guest host is Kevin Bacon. Yoko Ono will commemorate John Lennon’s 75th birthday with World’s largest human peace sign. The concert will air on AMC on December 19.

Rose’s Scoop: Can you believe it? Diddy and Rick Ross celebrated at Mister East in Roselle, New Jersey on December 12.