UNITED STATES—Slot machines are among the simplest casino games. You’ll just have to insert your money and press the spin button to start playing –easy peasy! One thing it needs to improve, though, is its sociability. Only a few slot machines can be played with other people, but many developers are now paying attention to this department.

While no real skills are required to play slot machines, you can apply a few strategies to get the best out of the machine and maximize your chance of winning. Here are seven things you need to remember when playing slot machines.

Spot Loose Slots

Loose slots are machines with a higher payback percentage, sometimes by a considerable margin, and a higher hit ratio than tight slots. They aren’t easy to find in a casino, but they’re usually on the main slot machine floor near the table games or the poker room.

There are also tendencies when they’re situated anywhere that gets more traffic than usual, like near the elevators. While relying on anecdotal evidence can be a classic mistake, another player’s recommendation can be a possible clue.

Hit Those Free Spins

Land-based and online slot machines offer free rides to stand out against their competition. They’re also meant to pique new players’ interests. So why not take it to your advantage and gamble without losing money?

If you’re a rookie, it’s the perfect opportunity to test your skills without spending any penny. After all, being an amateur player at a casino can be your pocket’s worst enemy. So take it easy and enjoy the free spins before hitting the real slots!

Make Use of Bonuses

In addition to free spins, casinos offer bonuses if you sign up and play their games. Of course, bigger bonuses are given to those who invest in memberships. But even without depositing funds, some casinos give away small bonuses in exchange for trying their games.

Use these bonuses to play before spending your own money or cashing anything out. If managed well, they can help you boost your overall return. Even so, don’t go beyond your normal bankroll for the sake of rewards. Still play within your budget, then reap the rewards.

Bet Higher

Prime the pump strategy or starting with small bets and working them up with time is no better than regular odds. The truth is you’ll get the same payback percentage throughout an entire slot machine game.

In other words, what you’ll win at the beginning is just the same as what you’ll win at the end. So rather than priming the pump, bet as much as you can right off the bat to maximize your winnings. Remember, larger bets make bigger wins.

Bet Enough for Jackpot Games

The growing jackpot payout is the best part of any progressive slot. Every single time someone spins the reels,  a percentage of their bet makes its way to the jackpot. So obviously, the more people spin the reels, the higher the jackpot prize amount will be.

The thing is, you usually need to bet enough so you can be eligible for the jackpot. But other progressive slots don’t require you to set the max bet to win the jackpot payout. So if you’re unsure about your current casino’s jackpot rules, it pays to ask around.

What’s more, winning jackpot games requires a lot of luck, but there are ways to slightly increase your chances of winning them, such as looking for progressive slots with better risk-vs-reward ratios.

Go For Higher Denominations

Play dollar or quarter machines if you want to make more money back. The rule of thumb in casinos is that higher denomination slots usually drive higher payback percentages. The payback percentage is all the money you paid out divided by all wagers and multiplied by 100. If the percentage is high, the slot machine game is fairer for you. That means you’re likely not going to suffer from casino advantage.

Still and all, watch out for the risks. While higher denomination games may be your best options for higher winnings, they require bigger bets. Bear in mind that high-dollar bets are high-risk investments. You can either win them all or lose them all.

Know How Slot Machines Work

Ever heard that some slot machines are loaded with money while others are not? If you know the ins and outs of these machines, you won’t buy this hearsay because slot machines are based on random number generators (RNG).

Instead, what you’ll do is check on game developers and each game’s return to player (RTP) percentage. Doing so helps you avoid tighter slot machines. If you’re a beginner, it also aids you in picking a game that suits your current preferences, whether winning, playing, or practicing.


Before you start betting, set a clear limit and don’t break it. No one can win against slot machines all the time. Keep in mind that leaving the casino with a wallet still fat is the best winning move you’ll always be proud of.