HOLLYWOOD—Last week tragedy struck the town of Rosewood, yet again on “Pretty Little Liars.” This week’s episode, ‘Power Play’ saw the liars desperate to get the goods on exactly what A.D’s endgame truly is. It was a whopper of an episode as after 3 seasons we FINALLY learned who murdered Jessica DiLaurentis! It’s not the big shocker that you expect, but it’s still nice to finally know.

The episode kicked off with Ezra and Aria having a tense conversation about Nicole invading their personal space, but it was apparent Aria was none too happy with the predicament and put on a happy front in the face of chaos. Well, isn’t this a moment, Aria crashed at Ali’s abode, but the ladies were delivered a surprised when they discovered A.D.’s board game in her home. What!? Spencer spent the night with Detective Marco, things are heating up quite fast, but he was coy on that case that Spencer was inquisitive about. Hanna was worried about ramifications about not finishing what A.D. intended for her.

At long last, Peter Hastings has returned to the foray and Spencer had plenty to say to her father, while digging through his briefcase. He admitted he was on the hunt for Mary Drake. Man, Spencer has totally done a 360 since being shot and learning about her true parentage. Ali decided she wanted to terminate her pregnancy to prevent any further linkage to Archer Dunhill, but her convo with Emily was interrupted by Detective Marco, with details about a finger belonging to her hubby.

Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Ali discussed they might be punished by A.D. for covering up Archer’s death, and if they don’t finish A.D.’s game they could all head to prison. Damn this culprit is ferocious in punishing the ladies. Hanna decided to help Spencer to locate Mary Drake. Emily was forced to accept that Paige was indeed leaving Rosewood for bigger opportunities, but not before Paige learned Ali’s little secret.

Aria received a video directly from A.D. about looking into her file, which caused her to violently react by destroying her figurine on the board game. Spencer and Hanna were stunned to come face-to-face with Ted on their quest to locate Mary Drake, and Mary had Ted in her pocket. Hmm, this is getting interesting people!

Aria and Ali were forced to venture into a baby store, but Aria continued to be tortured by A.D. who wanted her to play along. Well, it seems this visit to the baby store might force Ali to have second thoughts about terminating her pregnancy, just as A.D. ensured his pawn partook in the festivities. Paige and Emily shared a conversation about happier times, where the ladies shared a kiss and Paige decided to stay in Rosewood.

Ali received a gift from the donor, which was a charm bracelet with the name Emily on it. It became apparent that Ali realized that she may have been impregnated with Emily’s egg and went into a fury, just as she discovered that puzzle piece. Aria arrived at a black limousine, where a mystery party opened the door where she came face-to-face with Sydney. Really, PLL writers, we know for a fact that Sydney is not the nefarious foe! Sydney spilled the beans on tons of juicy details, but I wasn’t buying a single thing she was selling. It was apparent Aria was smart to spot that ear piece, and Sydney coyly revealed that she was ‘trapped’ to a degree.

Hanna was surprised to see Ted at her apartment where he revealed details about Mary and his past. She learned that Charlotte is Ted’s father, wow that was something I never expected. It became apparent that Charles’ pal was LUCAS! Yes, I pegged quite some time ago people, Lucas is more mixed in this chaos than the liars expect or even know. I’ll call it now, LUCAS is A.D.!

Ali was forced to drop the bomb on Emily that the baby she is carrying is her pal’s not hers. Emily was taken aback by the news, and Ali described in detail the procedure where she was impregnated with Emily’s egg. Ok, we still have 6 episodes to go, and if this episode is any indicator of what is expected to come, I CANNOT wait to see what unfolds.

Peter started to spill the beans about Mary, just as a flashback sequence revealed that Mary was indeed in the Hastings home, after Spencer returned from Radley. As the episode culminated, a long held secret from fans was finally divulged: Mary Drake drugged Jessica DiLaurentis and tried to frame Peter for her murder! In the midst of a truth-bomb, Ali was forced to cancel her appointment as another piece of the puzzle was added.

The liars discussed the current predicament, and were upset with Aria for not being in communication with them. When Aria learned A.D.’s latest bomb, it sent shockwaves to the liar who was keeping secrets. The game was ignited yet again, this time noting the next player would be: HANNA! It was apparent that Aria’s turn was skipped because of the dirty deed that she just partook in.

Looks like A.D. wants Aria to join the team, and she is open to the idea. No new episode of “Pretty Little Liars” next week, but when the series returns on May 23, we’ll see Mona get in on the game, and surprise, surprise, Wren is back in the foray! Until then “PLL” fanatics!