SAN FRANCISCO—Officers from the San Francisco Police Department arrested a man who assaulted a free-speech organizer last weekend, causing him to lose two of his front teeth.

On October 21, San Francisco police announced that they arrested the suspect, identified as Adroa Anderson, 35, of Oakland. According to police, he faces chargers of mayhem with a hate crime enhancement, and was booked into the San Francisco jail.

On October 17, free-speech organizer Philip Anderson organized a protest called “Free Speech Rally Against Twitter And Big Tech” outside of Twitter’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco. The event was held to protest Twitter’s censorship of an article published by New York Post, which contained details of Hunter Biden’s alleged emails regarding overseas deals. An aggressive counter-protest formed next to the free-speech protest, causing tensions to quickly escalate until suspect Adroa punched Philip in the face, causing him to lose two of his front teeth.

During the protest, other counter-protesters were seen throwing glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal cans and eggs at peaceful protesters. Police officers on the scene determined that the event was a public safety hazard, and canceled it. Officers had to escort the free-speech protesters back to their vehicles for their safety.

Following the attack, Philip Anderson posted photos to social media showing his bloody mouth with two teeth missing. 

Adroa Anderson still remains booked in the San Francisco jail, and it is still unknown whether he will appear in court.