HOLLYWOOD—I am really frustrated with the CBS soaps right now. It seems “The Bold and the Beautiful” is continuing to recycle the same old love triangle over and over again, and now we have “The Young and the Restless” constantly focusing on Adam Newman. Look it is fun now and then, but damn, how many attempts have to be made on Adam Newman’s life before either someone succeeds in doing what they set out to do or Adam just leaves town?

To be honest killing Adam Newman would NOT be a bad idea it would totally open the floodgates for an epic whodunit storyline in my personal opinion. With that said, the notion seems to point the finger at Billy Abbott being culpable for shooting at Adam Newman, but the bullet ended up striking Chance instead. Chance has recovered like he was never shot. Only in daytime TV can someone heal that quickly after a near death experience people.

With that said, the evidence against Billy is mounting like a tsunami, but it is such a red herring; it is way too easy, and it’s apparent that Billy was not the shooter and he is being framed. Hmm, I wonder who in the world would want to stick a dagger into Billy Abbott. Oh, I know who, his name is Adam Newman! Adam did not like that expose being written about him and the dirty details about his childhood and his machinations as an adult people.

The reason I came to this conclusion is directly connected to the fact that Alyssa, Adam’s childhood pal is suddenly back in town and she is noting she is a witness to seeing Billy shoot at Adam? Who’s buying that lie? Oh, I’ll tell you the inept Genoa City Police Department America. At least Billy has two people solidly behind his back in Amanda, as his legal representation and Lily who is standing behind Billy like he’s her man. Well the two have indeed gotten much closer as I predicted and I’m ok with this pairing. They have great chemistry and it just works.

You might say why am I talking so much about Billy Abbott? Well there is not much else worth discussing in GC. Phyllis is at war with Victoria who is doing her best to get Phyllis out of The Grand Phoenix Hotel. That storyline is not interesting to say the least, but that mystery person that Victoria is working with that has perked my interest America. Nick is solid behind Phyllis, yet you’re going against your sister. Ok Nick, perhaps you forgot the memo that blood is thicker than water?

Theo’s war with the Abbott family has ended as he’s off to Paris, hmm, perhaps he could take Kyle and Summer with him? Cause that are we or aren’t we a couple narrative is making me head hurt. At least Sally Spectra has been thrown into the mix to cause a bit of chaos. Elena and Nate have gotten over their fear of hurting Devon and are dating, Faith is still being bullied via social media and texts, Abby and Chance got married, so is there anything I missed. Nope. See my point, not much drama, for a soap opera which is all about drama. C’mon “Young and Restless” get it in gear  you’re losing my interest real fast.