HOLLYWOOD—I am so disappointed in the soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I complained about the writing and the ever-evolving narrative of Steffy, Liam and Hope. I prayed with ever fiber in my body that we had saw the end of the love triangle after Liam finally chose Hope and all was healed when the truth about Thomas and his machinations to keep Liam and Hope apart. Nope, because a stupid mannequin storyline led Liam to think he saw something that he did not see. As a result, he got drunk slept with Steffy and now this big secret is about to be dragged out for weeks, until the truth finally hits the fan. This is just terrible writing and boring on top of that. I mean if you listened to the conversations between Steffy and Liam one would think the two wanted to be together. You don’t care about Hope, you don’t care about Finn, you just want to have your cake and eat it to.

Liam was riddled with guilt; it was eating him alive, remember Liam likes to tot himself as being holier than thou, but when caught in a predicament he can never fully own up to his actions people. With that said, Steffy was scared to the core about her tryst with Liam coming out. Why? It would blow up in her face in a major way people. She wants to maintain her relationship with Finn, but not blow up a happy home for Liam and Hope, Douglass, their family and then that opens a door for Thomas to get what he finally wanted, while creating a potential rift between Brooke and Ridge.

Hmm, Steffy perhaps you should have thought about that before you slept with Liam. You absolutely made a mistake, now, there will indeed be ramifications of that tryst that will INDEED impact live some for good (Hope finally kicking Liam to the curb) and others for the bad, Thomas getting that confirmation that his quest to pursue Hope was well worth it. Thinking of the fallout is not in the slight bit entertaining, you know what was entertaining watching the truth about Beth coming to light. There was plenty of fallout from that reveal and it was worth every second of it. This is going to fall on flat ears, unless we run into another situation where Liam gets Steffy pregnant yet again.

I am sorry, but this Zoe and Zende ‘alleged’ torch is beyond silly. I mean these two haven’t even shared a damn kiss and the notion that Zende who just separated from his wife, who was believed to be his true love, can’t stomach seeing Zoe with her fiancé, Carter, baffles the hell out of me. I could understand if the two had previous history, shared a few kisses or flirted a bit longer than a few weeks and Zoe wasn’t already in a relationship America.

Mark my words if Zoe burns Carter for Zende, she deserves whatever backlash comes her way, which I’m certain is headed her way in the near future. Oh, in other news, not as entertaining, Quinn finally returned home after Eric forgave her. So with that said, it’s time for Shauna to head back to Las Vegas people and for Flo and Wyatt to join her. Cause they have little to nothing to do right now on a story front. Either give characters something to do or place them on recurring status.